Both in popular culture and in the public mind, boarding schools are seen as areas with more intensive learning culture where students live in an area exclusively to learn. We may have some preconceptions about boarding school, from students who wear uniform to stereotypically strict school master.
In reality, stereotypes are just simple stereotypes. What we see on movies like Harry Potter series is just embellished to exaggeration. In reality, there many different types of boarding schools and each could have unique culture. Each is run by people with different views in handling students and learning activities. Some have more contemporary missions, while others could have more modern visions that they want to fulfil.
For many years, boarding schools are considered elite educational institutions where upper class of the society prepared themselves for government and military services. However at the time, transportation was considered in adequate and staying at school was seen as a helpful solution. Even today, boarding schools are more expensive than standard educational facilities. Even in countries with excellent transportation system, boarding schools are still good transitional facilities to enter the finest colleges.
Boarding schools could have different goals and geared towards different groups of students. As an example, some boarding schools could simply be aimed to provide excellent learning environment for typical students, but other boarding schools are designed for teenagers with behavioural issues. Overall, boarding schools offer a good opportunity for students to improve themselves.
Parents should make sure that their children are ready for the life in boarding schools and here are things they can do:

1. Make children more independent:

Parents should ask children to wash their own laundry and prepare their own clothes. They should be able to do multiple house chores to prepare themselves for a life in boarding schools. Boarding schools require students to be more independent and do many things on their own.

2. Communicate:

Parents should discuss more with children to prepare them with life in boarding schools. Children should know about what they should expect to get in boarding schools. Life in the house and boarding schools can be significantly different and students who are less prepared could feel depressed more easily.

3. Ask children for preferred boarding schools:

If there are multiple boarding schools in the area, parents should ask children which one they prefer. Parents should listen to children and ask why they prefer a school over other. A boarding school could offer more sporting activities than others, so this could interest active boys more.

4. Visit nearby boarding schools:

Parents could visit nearby schools at Sunday with their children to see how the life inside these places feels like. Children can easily have an idea on how they will spend their time in boarding schools. This could make some children more excited with the prospect of living in such a safe, predictable environment.

5. Set schedules at home:

Students live a more disciplined life in boarding school and children should get used to daily schedule before enrolled. For some children, it can distressful to live by a strict rule, but by simulating such a condition at home, children can be much more prepared.
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