The stock market doesn’t do well with uncertainty, and 2016 had its fair share of upsets and uncertainties – what with Brexit and Donald Trump’s electoral win. Donald Trump, for instance, wants to do away with Obamacare, and a question for 2017 is ‘which companies will benefit from these changes in policy and regulations? What stocks will be the best investments as these changes come into effect?

In spite of the turbulent year, the stock market surged to new highs during 2016, so the question is ‘what does 2017 hold for traders and investors’?

Many people will say that buying stocks is pretty easy, and that the most challenging part is choosing companies that consistently beat the market. Another challenging part is choosing the best broker who can answer all these questions for you and help you make good trading decisions in 2017.

Mixed Predictions

Traders are looking to for advice and tips for trading in 2017, especially new traders. They do research and find all manner of advice on the Internet. They’ll read that the best time of the month to buy stocks is from the 18th to the 22nd.

The reason for this is that cash flows into the market from the likes of pension funds are low along with prices. Experts say that the best time of the month to sell is the first two and last two days.

Certainly, there are mixed predictions for 2017 but some say the election outcome is positive and that tax cuts and deregulation indicate economic growth. The rise in bond yields is good, which signals higher returns to capital.

Execute Some Test Trades

Anyone can buy stocks online with their computer or smartphone. Hiring a reputable, regulated broker to guide you with trading decisions could be the first bit of advice anyone successful with trading would recommend.

These brokers offer low fees and the best stock options. They know that at the start of a new year people have little money. What can the new trader do who badly wants to ‘get into’ trading. The best brokers offer excellent information and trading videos on their websites and they let you set up a practice account.

Yes, if you don’t have money right now, then at least start practising as a new trader. You’ll be able to execute a few test trades and practice the strategies shown you in a no-risk fashion. When you’re ready to actually start trading, you’ll already have a strong mentoring team behind you if you selected the right broker.

Not Up to Making Investment Decisions – Get Help

Buying stocks online is a great option for anyone believing that buying stocks is beyond their financial realm. It’s the sheer freedom of control that one gets when you buy stocks online which is such a drawcard.

However, if you’re not up to making big investment decisions, rely on the services of a reputable broker such as CMC Markets. With their great customer services, their award-winning trading platform and their broad trading-information range, you have the support of true online trading professionals.

Reliable stock brokers offer much in the way of expertise and they can assist you with creating an account and getting started.

Of course, an important part of stock trading is time, because stock values are rising and falling throughout the day. It is, therefore, important to make your decisions any time of the day you want. This is the beauty about online trading – the immediacy – you’re free to buy and sell whenever you like, day or night.

Be Emotionally Intelligent

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and so it is with trading. Making foolhardy, hasty decisions can be your downfall. Take time to think clearly before the markets open. You want to be fresh, clear and emotionally intelligent when you make your trading decisions.

o help you with making sound trading decisions, a simple tip is to keep a trading journal which can highlight details of your successes and wrongs. These snippets of information can help you to improve your trading results. An online trading tip is to never place market orders before the opening of the trading day, and you may find yourself paying more on the buy side, or receive far less on the sell side.

With these top trading tips for 2017, maybe your crystal ball is going to predict a profitable year for you, who knows.