autoinsurancequotesSometimes it can be very difficult to find cheap auto insurance quotes. If you try and understand the various factors that help decide a quote, you will realize why it is so difficult to receive a cheap quote. But it isn’t impossible either. One of the most common reasons for high premiums is bad driving history. People with high driving risks are often charged higher premiums than others. The reason is that they are more accident prone and hence will probably cost the company to pay any damages that might have taken place during an accident. In order to cover this risk, auto insurance companies charge high premiums from their customers.

There are mainly two categories among bad drivers – teenage drivers and drivers with many violations, tickets or accidents. The latter category is more prone to get denied car insurance in the first place. Most companies would not like to pay for habitual offenders and would even deny them a quote.

However, there still are ways to get some cheap insurance.

Option #1

Search, search and search for more. There are many websites available online that offer quotes from different companies. Collectively comparing them and understanding their requirements and challenges will help you to obtain a relatively cheaper quote. Furthermore, there are companies who have specialized policies for bad drivers. These policies make sure that it reduces the risk of financial loss for the company.

Option #2

Many auto insurance companies accept driving certifications from various driving school. These certifications can help you prove your mettle as a driver and in turn reduce the insurance quote. These schools are probably best for new drivers like teenagers. They can easily get into these schools and take few lessons. At the end of the course, the candidates are provided certificates. These certificates are often accepted by insurance companies.

Option #3

Costly car means a costly insurance. When you wreck a costly car in an accident, the cost of damages will obviously tend to be high. Hence sports cars, luxury cars and limited edition high performance cars have high insurance premiums. Solution? Do not buy a costly car if you are prepared to pay high premiums. In case of teenagers, it is best to start with a cheaper car rather than try your hand on an expensive pair of wheels.

Option #4

You can combine your policy with other members of your family. Most companies even offer discounts for such special purchases. Teenagers have the upper hand here. They can easily move with their parent’s car insurance policy and save a lot of money.

Option #5

Students get various kinds of discounts when it comes to transportation, education and consumer services. Auto insurance is no different. Many companies offer specialized plans that are aimed towards attracting student auto owners. The plans are specially designed to offer the policy at a low quote.

There are a lot of other factors other than driving records that determine insurance premiums. Even though all of cannot be addressed, at least some can be taken care of. That way you can increase your coverage and still hope to reduce the costs.