So, you’ve got a new iPhone 4s and want to protect it via insurance? That’s a good idea.  No one wants to have their high-end gadget uninsured. But finding the right insurance with a complete  coverage can be quite tough.  You should be careful about whether your insurance offers  different types of coverage.

So what types of coverage should you seek while selecting insurance for your iPhone 4s?

There are a number of damages against which you will want to cover your phone.  These include,

  • Accidental damage
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Loss & theft

Insure Your iPhone 4s Against 3 Major Damages

Why do you need Coverage Against Accidental Damage?

Oh no! You spilled some coffee on your new phone! – No matter how trivial that may read, you know the exact chilling sensation that will run down your spine if you ever come across such a situation (fingers crossed)! Accidents, no matter irrespective of the size, may happen when it is most unwelcome (most people won’t even want it once in their lives) and as a result, your precious things,  such as phone may get damaged. Damaging a new iPhone 4s is too much to bear with? Try paying for a new one. If you don’t want to spend on a new phone, opt for accidental damage today!

Why do you need Coverage Against Mechanical Breakdown?

Remember those good old days when a mobile phone just use to make and receive calls? Those days are long gone by. Today it’s all about camera, smart watch and touch screen. And with each of these technicalities come loads of complexities.   In this age of nano technology, the internal parts of phones are also getting tinier and more complex than ever. Thankfully most of the phones come with a manufacturers’ warranty. But after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you can experience phone malfunction too.  Insurance for the mechanical breakdown will offer you the required coverage.

Why do you need Coverage Against Loss & Theft?

So, you have bought a new phone. How will you feel if you lose your phone or the phone gets stolen? You never want to think about losing your phone right? But here’s a fact check – more than 70% of mobile insurance claims are due to theft, loss and disappearance.  And most warranties won’t even cover you in case your phone is lost or stolen.  In such a scenario, going for a third party iPhone 4s insurance like iPhone 4s insurance is a good option. With it, you can get coverage against theft, loss and disappearance of your favorite gadget.

Are you still not sure whether you will want insurance for your phone or not? Give it some thought.

You see, your phone is no longer just a device you use for making and receiving calls these days.  It is a part of your identity. All your contacts, important emails and even financial details are often stored in that phone. So in case it gets damaged due to accident or some internal errors, your life will come to a standstill.

And if, god forbid, your phone gets lost or is stolen from you,  you should be really worried.  Whosoever has taken the phone can use it for identity theft and withdraw money from your bank or do some really nasty things with your valuable piece of information.  No one will want that.

So, if you think that you do not need insurance for your phone, think again.  Phone insurance might save you from spending cash every time something happens to your phone and at the same time will save you from loads of hazards.