There’s no denying the fact that qualified, experienced, top rated Project Managers are the need of the time. In the present age, answering to the growing need of the time, multiple organisations all over the world have come up with Project Management Certification courses or programmes which groom an individual into an expert in comprehensive management skills like planning, budgeting, organising, scheduling, executing, monitoring, supervising and delivering projects of any size and shape. Experts all over the world have started to believe that applying a standard set of project management principles can help improve the success rate of projects in terms of quality, cost and time. However they also believe that success depends on an individual’s acumen to modify and tailor these management skills according to the need.

Thus it’s clear that to excel as a manager or team leader in any sector that you are in or may choose to be, a certification in Project Management will add an extra feather to your wing. There’s no denying the fact that it will broaden your spectrum of knowledge, add depth to your knowhow and polish your skills.

Of all the Project Management Professional Certification and Training programmes, there are a few which are highly acclaimed by employers and very popular globally.

1) PMP or Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional, PMP in short, is still the top rated and most acclaimed management certification. Global leaders endorse this as one of the best and all comprehensive programme. PMP claims to be geographically apt for any country and right for any industry and methodology. It is a rigorous test of your all round skills in managing a project around the hurdles of time, scope and cost. A certification in PMP however, gives an individual a lead in the job market and helps them go up the salary ladder much quickly than the rest with similar experience but no certification.

2) CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management

Forerunner of PMP, CAPM belongs to the same parent organisation, PMI or Project Management Institute. CAPM can be well regarded as a stepping stone for PMP.  It is an effort of PMI to split the rigors of PMP into steps. CAPM provides an individual with the basic or rudimentary experience of project management. No doubts that CAPM will distinguish you from the masses in the job market and further your chances for a more appropriate job of your choice.

3) CPM or Certified Project Manager

International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM) is the parent body for this project management professional training and certification which is again a mid-tier training and certification. Though highly acclaimed in the Pacific Rim, it is a globally acknowledged certification.

4) CompTIA Project+

CompTIA Project+ is another popular certification which is valued equal in comparison to CAPM. CompTIA Project+ is strongly advocated by IT industry, government organisations, academic and research sectors to name a few. The major difference between these two popular certifications, the CAPM and CompTIA Project+ is the background requirement for entry into the courses.