Reading fluency is the basic component in order to get remarkable communication skills, especially for kids. Giving attention to reading fluency at an early age not only strengthens the academics but also enables kids to understand the text quickly. It is true that reading for hours frustrates kids. Therefore, they need effective yet interesting reading exercise that can improve their reading fluency.

Furthermore, it has been proved that reading is such exercise that sharpens the brain and faster reading even enhances the reading skills.if somebody is knowledge freak, fluency of reading helps them to gain more and more knowledge. If you want the best for your kids, then, there are some reading fluency exercises that can be helpful in enhancing reading fluency.

Here are some of the reading fluency exercise to boost up the reading fluency.

Read with your child

One of the best ways to make your child read fluently is paired reading. For instance, you can read aloud with your child that will make the lips familiar with different and difficult words that take time to pronounce. After some time, when your child is able to read alone, leave them to read alone. Remember, keep instructing your child to read aloud.


Another simple exercise that can be attempted is the repetition reading. In this way, your child can catch the pace and can be able to read more fluently. You can select a passage to read repeatedly. It is not necessary to take out the difficult passage, rather select for an easy one that will easy to build confidence in your child.

Chorus reading

Reading in a chorus helps children to learn from one another. This also makes your kid be confident when asked to read alone. Also, reading in chorus motivates children to read the same passage together and loudly. This helps anyone with reading deficiency to hear from other readers and learn the quick pronunciation.

Audio recording

Listening is the art that enhances the understanding level and this also applies to reading. When your child starts reading, provide him/her audiobooks that is a great way to exercise and improve the reading fluency.

Playful activities

Children usually do not like reading words by sight using flash cards, rather they prefer to do some playful activities along with reading. Also, when it comes to the game, children become more active and interested.


Reading fluency requires time and patients. Whatever the reading exercise you opt, the goal is to make your kid comfortable at his/her level and let them build their confidence while reading.