Indian school system has various boards which have a structured way to provide the basic education from nursery to class 12th. Many central and state boards are assisted by NCERT on academic matters related to school education. Many competitive level exams are held after 12th standard which a student has to go through. During the preparation of competitive level exams, one must prepare effectively so that you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. This difficult process demands a lot of things like going through correct study material, solving tricky questions along with the proper revision of the subject. The first concrete base in these steps is the correct study material that a student should go through. The NCERT books are popularly known for their easy language and putting out the concepts as they are. The first and the foremost books to refer for students should be their NCERT syllabus books before referring to any other books.

Some of the key points that make the NCERT syllabus books most important while preparing for the competitive exams are listed below:

Most of the basic questions are from NCERT books: One of the most advantageous benefits of studying from the NCERT books is that many questions in various papers of engineering or medical exams are fetched from these books or they follow a similar pattern. So, you must not forget to refer to NCERT books for your preparation.

Genuine Information: These NCERT books are written after doing broad level research on each topic. The information given in these books can never mislead you from the topic and is much better than other sources.

Summary much helpful while revision: Summary given at the end of the each chapter helps learners to revise the chapter in a very less time. These summaries give you a short overview of the concepts given in the chapter. The points are given in such a manner that everything in the chapter is covered. Points given in the boxes along with solved examples are also important.

Strong fundamentals and basics: Every fundamental and basic derivation of formulas is clearly explained in these NCERT books so it becomes easy for the students to create a fundamental knowledge about the topic. The Clear concept on basics plays a major role in the preparation of JEE-Mains and NEET exams.

Direct question from chemistry books: Most of the organic reactions and different organic conversion formulas are directly asked from the NCERT books. The inorganic chemistry numericals which are given in these NCERT books follow the same pattern which is asked in these competitive exams.

Physics explained very effectively: Theory and the derivations of formulas are explained in a structured and detailed manner. Also the chapters such as optics, modern physics, electric field etc. are explained with diagrams which are very easy to understand.

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