Many of us, myself included, have looked a hundred times a list of foods that are rich, healthy and help us lose weight quickly and safely. Well, I have brought for you these 10 foods that speed up metabolism, suitable products that will be of much help in increasing the proper functioning of your body.

Green Apple

Experts say that eating a green apple a day regulating the level of fat in the body. The reason is simple, consuming this fruit, preferably in the afternoon, will help to increase metabolism and thus burning calories in the body increases.


This type of fish is perfect to speed up metabolism. Its quick and easy digestion favourable to make your body work a little harder; is also great because its flesh is very soft, making it very soft.


The chicken, thanks to large amounts of protein, is suitable for burning calories making the digestive process and thereby increase the metabolism more and faster. Roasted, remains the best option to consume it, to make it a low-calorie food.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Rich in beta carotene and other nutrients, leafy greens very well burn that energy that you do not need. Broccoli, lettuce and spinach are recommended for you to eat and include them in your diet.

Top 10 Metabolism Boosting Foods To Speed Up Weight Loss

Black Coffee

With its active ingredient, caffeine is an excellent black coffee metabolizer. You must take it without milk and sugar with very little to see the results. This drink is great for burning that extra fat that your body does not need.


It is believed that the egg contains high levels of calories. But it has been proven that the egg whites are fat but proteins, compounds that are great for your body act more effectively in removing fat.


Grapefruit is rich in vitamins, especially C; helps eliminate body toxins and liver actively clean. It is vital that you consume so that your body is free of impurities.

Green Tea

Green tea boosts the course of fat burning and metabolism. Green tea is also great for improving your digestion and help with food intake when eating.

Hot Spices

Hot spices like chilli or red pepper are spectacular to make your metabolism a quick process.

Protein Shake

Choose some fruit or food containing high protein content; I recommend almonds, milk and soy. Takes these protein shakes regularly and see excellent results.

It is important that you consider the increased metabolism also depends on a balanced diet and exercise routine optimal. Similarly, these 10 foods that speed up metabolism must be accompanied by an excellent moisturizing your body with a good amount of water.