Tea is not only a favored beverage of a large majority of the population it is also used in in skin care products to provide healthy benefits for the skin. However, whether choosing tea to drink, or as an ingredient in your skin care products, choosing organic tea may be better for your health than non-organically grown tea.

Benefits of Tea

While green tea is well known for its health benefits in providing antioxidants which help to fight free radicals which is responsible for premature aging and a number of serious health problems such as cancer, heart attacks, and Alzheimer disease. However, green tea is not the only type of tea to offer benefits to your health. Different teas offer a variety of different benefits.

The Many Benefits Of Organic Tea

Organic Vs. Non Organic Tea

To be clear, the actual amount of antioxidants and other benefits of tea is the same whether the tea is organic or non organic. The difference between Organic and non organic tea is the way the tea is grown.

Non organic tea is grown in ground that uses chemical fertilizers to help the tea grow faster and quicker. Also chemical pesticides are used to ensure that no harmful insects or other pests destroy the tea crop while it is in the grown. While this ensures more tea is grown, it also means that these chemicals, many of which can be hazardous to human health becomes part of the tea as it grows. Some fertilizers and pesticides have been linked to such health risks as infertility, endocrine problems and even cancer.

Organic tea on the other hand is grown on land that has not seen any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for a set number of years, and there are no chemicals used to grow the tea itself.

Is Organic Tea Considered Healthier?

While both organic and non organic tea both contain the same vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties, organic tea is considered to be healthier than non organic tea simply because organic tea is free from the harmful chemicals that can be found in non organic tea. Some people feel that the addition of the harmful chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers counteract the benefits of the tea itself.

Is Organic Tea More Expensive than Non-Organic Tea?

Organic tea is more expensive than non-organic tea, the same as all organic produce is higher in price. There are several reasons for depending where the organic tea is grown. In some cases, organic produce growers and this includes tea growers have to pay to have their fields inspected and certified organic. Another reason for the price difference is that it is more time consuming and labor extensive to grow tea organically. However, the increased healthiness and flavor of this tea makes it worth the extra price.

Where to Buy Organic Tea?

You can buy organic tea almost anywhere. If your favorite grocers doesn’t sell organic tea, then try health food stores, or even shopping for it online. It really isn’t difficult to find organic tea to meet your desire to have the best and healthiest tea available.