Cold seal packaging and coatings are ideal for packing the heat sensitive products. The cold seal rolls used in this form of packaging are great as they do not cause the products to lose their original shape or form after they are sealed.

This packaging enables the packaged products look tempting and more appealing to consumers thus impacting sales positively. Companies that deal in chocolates will find this form of packaging great for their products as they are perfect for labeling.

Why Go for Cold Seal Packaging?

Cold seal technology managed to set a pace in the line of packaging products that are affected by heat. This technology is set to improve the performance, bottom line and operational efficiencies of a number of heat-sensitive products.

This technology combines natural latex rubber with a number of polymers and synthetic emulsions to come up with a high quality sealing solution. The technology also offers a high degree of flexibility that enables it to meet the needs of a variety of medical and food packaging applications.

Cold Seal Packaging And Coatings For Medical And Food Packaging


Cold seal coatings and packaging materials are designed in a special way in a bid to improve efficiency across all the operation stages. These coatings have visual indicators that clearly show press-ready materials as well as allow pattern listing without using pigments or dyes.

Cold seal technology is specially formulated to enable converting at fast speeds thereby reducing the chances of ghosting, foaming and streaking. This means a faster processing rate with considerably low waste.

It is possible for the cold-seal to be used with the horizontal packaging machines that are high-speed form-and-fill types. This is highly profitable to a company as it drives the profitability scale higher as the HFF systems have the ability to offer higher sales with every output hour and need minimal maintenance.

This technology allows smoother unwind and lower cling release thanks to the improved anti-blocking system. This brilliant innovation points towards stronger seals, more constant sealability and packaging presentation.

Cold seals have super cohesion and adhesion strengths result in fewer leakages when compared to heat-sealed packaging. These sealed packages hence offer freshness that can be relied upon.

The strong moisture resistance points towards an extended shelf life for such packaged products, which is an added benefit for manufacturers.

Food Packaging

Cold seals rely on rubber-based adhesives that are great for food packaging. They are also perfect for food products that require constant seal strengths on the HFF machines.

These applications range from the confectionery items, frozen treats and baked foods, which use different overwraps or intricate overwraps for various candy bars.

Medical Packaging

Cold seal technology brings about water-based and synthetic acrylic solutions for packaging medical products. They are specially designed to cope perfectly with all the rigors present in the medical packaging trade and are also non-allergenic.

These cold seal coatings offer superior aging and sealability performance for a number of medical packaging applications. These include the sterilizable or non-sterilizable overwraps for various medical devices and bandages.


Cold seal packaging technology includes a number of different technologies. These include rubber, water-based and synthetic rubber adhesive. Cold seal technology is an innovative solution that offers lots of benefits.