Heading off to college? Anxious about settling in or adapting to life without your personal mom machine? Here are six essentials that can turn any dorm into a comfortable living area.

1: Modular Furniture

Space is limited in a dorm room, so look for multipurpose furniture that can organize, store and coordinate your belongings in an efficient manner. For example, buy a bed that rests on top of several sliding drawers, or invest in a bookcase that turns into a wardrobe on the other side.

2: Noise-Cancelling Headphones

It’s hard to study for a biology exam when your roommate won’t get off the phone. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones will keep you sane in the wake of sounds, snores and other distractions; they’ll also ensure that you’re able to enjoy your own activities without inviting your roommate to complain about you. Everyone wins!

3: Mini-Fridge

There may be power restrictions on microwaves and hot plates, but no one has ever burned down their dorm room with a mini-fridge, so these useful little appliances are almost always allowed in student residences. You won’t have to wait for the cafeteria to open to enjoy a snack.

Decking Out Your Dorm Room: 6 Must Haves For The Modern Day Student

4: CFLs

You’ll be pulling a lot of all-nighters during your academic career, so make a point of outfitting your dorm room with compact florescent lights (CFLs). These high-powered bulbs are designed to be both energy efficient and brilliantly luminescent, sending light signals to your brain that will help you maintain focus and stay awake longer.

5: Storage Containers

Take advantage of your entire room when it comes to organization. Hang baskets from the ceiling for school supplies that won’t fit on your desk; stack trunks or plastic bins on top of one another to utilize vertical space. Use adhesive hooks on your doors and walls to keep things off the floor.


A good flat screen has a variety of uses for the modern student. There’s binge-watching the contents of your DVR, of course, but it can also be used for video games and Internet streaming. With the right tools, you can even turn your HDTV into a projector for studying. It’ll be an educational aid, not just an indulgence.

These are just six things you should consider buying before you move into your new dorm room. If you can, contact your future roommate and see what they’ll be bringing, too. You might be able to work in tandem to maximize your space and create a cozy life together.

Information Credit to edealinfo.com