According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a divorce occurs every 36 seconds in the United States. While no one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce, there are times when divorce is the only viable option. This is a decision which should be made with careful consideration, especially if there are children involved. In the following circumstances, a divorce may be the best option.


One should never stay in an abusive marriage, particularly if children are involved, whether the abuse is verbal or physical. It is a frightening prospect to leave a marriage, but acting quickly is essential for everyone’s protection. Because danger is involved, abuse is an inarguable reason to leave a marriage and seek a divorce.

Untreated Addiction

Unfortunately, addictions of all kinds are common; however, couples who are able to work through the addiction are often stronger for having done so. When one partner has an addiction but refuses to seek treatment consistently, it may be time to end the marriage. It is nearly impossible to fix a problem if one person refuses to admit that a problem exists.

Continued Infidelity

The lack of trust which is the inevitable result of an unfaithful partner is one of the most damaging things in any marriage relationship. Each person has to determine how much is too much, but a pattern of infidelity is a valid reason to end a marriage.

6 Times Divorce May Be The Only Option You Have

Emotional Shutdown

If one partner is unwilling to work toward fixing the problems in a marriage, divorce may eventually be an option. People can change, of course, but an unwillingness to participate in the relationship is an indicator that this relationship may be beyond repair.

Unsuccessful Counseling

Marriage counseling can save marriages, so it is a worthwhile endeavor. When one or both partners refuse to do the work required to make the necessary improvements to rescue the marriage, or when the process has come to a long-term standstill, a divorce may be the only option.

Irreconcilable Belief Systems

Although couples should have covered these issues before marrying, they may find that their core values are simply too divergent. A partnership will not last if the partners do not agree on the things that matter the most. A family lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in this decision-making process. Divorce is not something that should be a first, or even a second or third, option in most marriages; however, there are times when it is the only viable, healthy choice. Information Credit to Donald B. Phelps Corporation, a Vancouver Family Lawyer