The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge discharged toward the begin of 2015 ended up being two of the most energizing handsets available at this moment and we gave them both close on immaculate surveys with just a couple of little issues on every disappointing them.

Our greatest issue with the Galaxy S6 was the battery – we found with moderate use you could get somewhere around 17 and 18 hours. That is the normal day in case you’re on a typical rest example yet would you truly like to be strolling that tight rope supposing in the event that I watch a film my telephone it’s not going to last the entire day?

Samsung need to show improvement over this with the Galaxy S7 ; notwithstanding relinquishing a tad bit of its recently discovered configuration certifications to thicken up the handset and stick in a greater cell would have been justified regardless of the additional life. Next time we should trust it comprehends usefulness overshadows plan.

Galaxy S7

At the point when Samsung uncovered the Galaxy S6 it likewise reported there would be another Gear VR headset intended to go close by the new telephone.

Next time round we need Samsung to continue concentrating on VR however up its diversion considerably facilitate for the Galaxy S7 – whether it be more sensors, more amusements or another method for doing it all together we simply need all the more an emphasis on VR.

Samsung is one of only a handful few organizations doing Virtual Reality comfortable minute and there’s no better approach to keep that going than developing on an effectively decent item.

Not that the Galaxy S6 wasn’t sufficiently effective, but rather in a year we’re going to have a cluster of new processors doing the rounds and we need to see the greatest and best in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Just about everyone concurs Samsung nailed the Galaxy’s outline S6, yet one major component was absent. The Galaxy S5 had the expansion of a water and dustproof outline so when the Galaxy S6 was declared it was truly a stun the element had been taken out. And Galaxy S7 will face stiff competition from new Google Nexus 2015 device.

Fingers crossed Samsung will want to return it to the Galaxy S7, however this time in a much more pleasant outline. Source- Labor Day 2016 USA  and Labor Day Discounts !