Are you fed-up with your image? Looking for inspiration to super-charge your look? What you need is a make-up makeover of the semi-permanent variety to lift your beauty dreams.

When you look in the mirror these days, are you less than impressed with what you see? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, all experienced that sinking feeling, the realisation that we’re not quite as young as we once were.

There are two ways to react to such moments. Either we accept the onset of the inevitable and decide to bow out gracefully from the beauty-stage, consoling ourselves with truths about ‘beauty only being skin deep’….Or, we start fighting the battle against ageing with some of the best high-tech weapons around.

Marvellous Make-up Makeover Ideas

I’ve always loved a good fight, so I am in the latter camp, fully armed and prepared to go to war on my age-compromised facial features. Here goes…

Anti-ageing treatments are something that in, so to get some ideas I visited their website for inspiration. And boy did I get it! The treatment I found really intriguing was the semi-permanent make up tattoo techniques. From the brilliant before and after photographs on the site, you get a really good insight into what’s possible and how good the results can be.

Brow know how

The most popular make-up technique tackled with tattoos is brow enhancement. Fantastic for over-plucked brows, uneven or imbalanced brows, super-fair complexions or simply brows that need a little oomph. It doesn’t hurt because your eyebrows get numbed with a special cream beforehand, treatment takes about two hours and you’ll need top ups annually to pep up any fading – but for the amount of impact you get for the price, it is worth every penny. The eyes in your face are a focal point and when they are re-framed with exquisitely arched and shaped brows, their effect becomes electric. You don’t need to look like you have caterpillars glued to your forehead or wispy little fringes, achieving your dream brows is totally achievable with the skill and judgement of an experienced beauty tattoo technician.

How long do they last?

Brow tattoos can last between one and five years and the depth of colour and fade is influenced by a variety of factors including exposure to sun, chlorinated water, beauty products, diet and exercise – but getting top ups of pigment when necessary is simple and easily arranged.

Marvelous mouth

When you have always had a luscious pair of lips, always plumped and pouty and the perfect canvas for vampy red lipstick, it can be depressing when they lose their definition. But don’t despair, you can have your cute cupid’s bow and full lip line re-defined and reinstated with semi-permanent tattoo make up. Subtle but effective, this technique really livens up your face and rejuvenates mouths that have become ‘tired’ looking. If you want an alternative to fillers that gives the mouth renewed definition, subtle colour shading to compliment your skin tone and a perfectly kissable appearance, then look into lip tattoos now.

Eyeliner miracle

Imagine never having to fight with the eyeliner pencil ever again. What bliss! Struggling to get a clean, straight line with eyeliner is every make-up fans bugbear, which is why semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos are all the rage. You can go for an Amy Winehouse retro Latino look, or more subtle fine lines – whatever floats your beauty-boat, liner liberation is now a reality.

A thorough consultation prior to application will result in the perfect eyeliner tattoo for your eye shape and complexion. It goes without saying that it is important to arrive at a design for your eyeliner that feels right and achieves the results you want. The beauty consultant should be able to show photographic examples of previous procedures so you can get a feel for the impression different styles project. Whether your eyes are almond shaped, feline, slightly hooded or wide set, there are various contours which compliment and enhance their beauty. Take advice on different styles for different eye profiles, but remember this is your face and the treatment is semi-permanent, so ultimately the decision should be yours and yours alone.

Don’t surrender to the ageing process too soon – you can still have beauty and allure, it just takes a little more effort as time passes. But know this, being gorgeous is all about learning where and how to get all the best help you need to put together a stunning look. So pick up the phone and get a preliminary consultation booked for some semi-permanent make up treatment – it could be the beginning of something truly beautiful…