It seems like every week we hear about a celebrity getting arrested for driving under the influence. If they get caught, which they should, you are obviously just as susceptible as they are. Driving under the influence is illegal, so why even take the risk of being arrested for doing it? There are many alternatives available to driving under the influence such as a cab, the bus, the subway and a designated driver. If you have a group of friends, take turns being the DD. You will only have to be it maybe one or two nights a month at most. Here are some reasons that you should think again before firing up the engine and driving after you have been drinking.

The DUI/DWI Legal Process

There is an administrative case and a criminal case that exist when you receive a citation for a DWI/DUI.  The administrative side affects your driver’s license and may result in a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.  You must act quickly in order to preserve your rights in the administrative case so contact a lawyer immediately. Make sure you read the paperwork that you receive because it will inform you of any deadlines that apply to your administrative case.  The criminal side affects your criminal record and may also affect your driver’s license depending on the conviction you receive.  A lawyer will assist you in reviewing the evidence that the prosecution has and will help you make an educated decision on how to proceed.

Think Again Before Getting Behind The Wheel Impaired

The Consequences

Some common consequences for an individual who receives a DWI/DUI include license suspension or revocation, payment of a fine and court costs, jail time, community service, or required attendance at some type of alcohol treatment program.  Jefferson City has recently begun using a DWI Portal program to allow defendants to attend alcohol treatment counseling from home.  These programs are convenient yet costly.

Advice To Those Who Think They Are “Above The Law”

It is not wise to take the chance of receiving a DWI/DUI due to the consequences it may have on your driver’s license and criminal record, which ultimately may affect employment opportunities in the future.  In addition, a DWI or DUI is a lot more expensive than a cab ride.  Even without adding in attorney fees, fines and costs can easily exceed thousands of dollars.

While there hasn’t been much improvement on how to enforce these laws, it’s conceivable that as technology advances a better method may be developed. Next time you think about getting behind the wheel after a few hours of drinking, think about what could happen if you get pulled over or if you hit somebody with your vehicle. Is risking jail time really worth the $20 you would spend on a cab ride home? Think about it.

Written by Kellie Bertels, an attorney in Jefferson City, MO with Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC