Being convicted of a crime has serious consequences. It can result in jail time, huge fines, and the loss of your career and the destruction of your personal reputation. Avoiding a conviction usually means trusting in a good lawyer. With that in mind, below are seven ways you can help your lawyer clear you of all charges.

7 Ways To Help Your Lawyer Win Your Criminal Defense Case

1. Don’t Talk to the Police

Standard operating procedure for the police is to bring a suspected criminal in for questioning and attempt to coax a confession out of that person. However, you don’t have to tell them anything. As soon as you request a lawyer, the questioning must end. It’s the law.

2. Don’t Hand Evidence Over to the Police

The only person that should examine evidence regarding your case should be your defense attorney. If evidence exists that you know about, don’t tell the police and certainly don’t give it to them. You could be insuring your conviction.

3. Don’t Talk to Friends or Family About the Case

According to Rosenthal & Wadas, PLLC, a criminal defense law firm in Collin County, another common mistake is made when a person under investigation divulges details about an alleged crime to a friend, family member or someone else they trust. You need to remember that many people aren’t as loyal as you may assume.

4. Be Honest with Your Attorney

One person you should tell everything to, however, is your attorney. Tell him or her the whole truth as your best recall it. This will allow that attorney to use the facts to craft the best defense possible.

5. Keep a Low Profile

When you have been charged with a crime, you need to keep a low profile. You may wish to defend yourself in the media, on the internet and elsewhere. However, your own words can certainly backfire and come back to haunt you.

6. Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

A seasoned attorney will certainly have more knowledge about plotting legal strategy than a layperson. Always trust in your attorney and follow his or her advice. Your lawyer will know what to do to obtain you the best outcome possible.

7. Stay on Your Best Behavior

Stop the behavior that brought you bad attention from the police in the first place. If you were hanging out with the wrong crowd, stop socializing with those people especially while the case is still ongoing.

Being charged with a crime can be scary. However, an attorney that provides you with a strong defense could obtain an acquittal. Do everything in your power to help your lawyer accomplish that goal.