Driving for pleasure is a thing of the past. Road congestion is the bain of the leisurely driver. What is the point of owning a fabulous car if the top speed is 5mph due to roadworks or sheer volume of traffic. the pollution caused by all of these vehicles is also rather depressing. But look closely at the global map as there are some places around the world that have escaped the traffic curse. Grab your driving gloves, Ray Bans and get ready to accelerate. Here are the quietest roads in the world:

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

Stirrup Brook Grove, UK

Not many people may have heard of this road, especially if they are based outside the UK.  However, many people in Salford’s suburb believe that Stirrup Brook Grove is  the quietest road you will come across on this planet. With very little traffic actually passing through this road, it is considered ideal for cycling events. During the quietest of days, all it takes is 12 seconds to zip through this road!


The Zanskar Valley Pass, India

This road that passes through the Zanskar Valley is one of the remotest  areas in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Located in the Himalayan belt, the pass does not offer many opportunities for travelers to drive along it,  owing to extreme weather during most part of the year. If you want to experience isolation but wonderful views when driving then this is the place for you.  Initially, fly to  Delhi and then take a flight to Leh. If your determination persists then you need to hire a vehicle that will take you through this pass, provided the weather permits.


The Gunbarrel Highway, Australia

This desert track that passes through Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territories is perhaps the quietest roads in Australia. The road is called ‘the Gunbarrel’ as most sections of this highway are as straight as a gun barrel. This highway connects Western Australia’s Carnegie Station with Victory Downs at the border between South Australia and the Northern Territory. Look out fro kangaroo’s and wild camels on the way.

Climb up the rock

U.S. Route 50

This transcontinental highway that stretches from Maryland’s Ocean City and California’s Sacramento is considered one of the quietest roads in the United States. There are desolate places on the route that look abandoned. The  U.S. Route 50 passes through several mountain ranges and desert valleys making it a difficult road for vehicles to get through. There’s plenty to see of interest whilst loving this ghostly strip of highway: the Great Basin National Park, ghost towns, desert valleys, alpine forests  petroglyphs and Fort Churchill State Historic Park.

Wheeler Peak and Stella Lake, Great Basin National Park (IMG_9253a)

Ambassador Road, China

This road is considered by many to be the quietest of all roads in China. Having a history of more than 1000 years, the Ambassador Road is an excellent place to pass through, far away from the maddening crowds of  Shanghai and Beijing. The road crisscrosses its way through Gaoligong Mountains in the Yunnan Province. Drivers are moer likely to come across more donkeys than humans and cars on this road.


Enjoy the beauty and isolated nature of these roads, they are a rarity and a privilege to enjoy.