Living An Exciting Aztec Royal Life - How Surprise Everyone With Mexican Decors In Your Home?

When it comes to talking about highly complex and most stratified societies of all times, Aztec Culture without any doubt tops the list. Aztecs basically originated from a region in Mexico where pipiltin were the nobility or the rulers. These rulers not only belonged to the highest sphere of social strata but also held top position in all the ranks. They lived in luxury, utmost royalty and absolute extravagance such that they are still remembered for their unique style and aura.

If you ever wanted to live in an Aztec era, we are sorry to inform you that it is not possible unless we invent a time machine. Though what is possible at this time is bringing the rich Aztec Mexican culture to your home. Yes, you can theme your home like an Aztec home and get the taste of a true Mexican Society.

Here are a few tips to help you transform your home into a Mexican setting.

Vibrant colors, vivid shades and bright hues were one of the characteristic elements in the ancient Mexican society. They would make use of colorful floral patterns on different handicrafts, floor tiles and wall art. Therefore, if you want your home to resemble anything like an old styled Mexican hut, go for a lot of color. Purchase decorative accessories that have colorful floral work over them. Redesign your bedroom, replace the boring tiles at your home and bring in a lot of unique wall pieces.

Starting with the exteriors, Mexican homes are usually known for their distinct design. They almost have no front yard and the front door is the distinctive feature of the house. The door is usually ornate and again well crafted. On the inside, there is an overuse of bold coloring in strong shades and the house usually contains a middle garden or a patio. Therefore if you are going for a Mexican theme, remember to employ in a lot of bold colors. Start with your front door. It should reflect that it belongs to a Mexican home. Go for a more unique and embellished door instead of plain, sleek and dull designed one. This will ensure that the exterior is coherent with the interior. As for the patio, if you don’t have one there is no need, you can add in other Mexican elements to create a vibe. But if you have an interior garden, try to decorate it Mexican style. Line the flower bed edges with Mexican terra cotta tiles.

You can also make use of floral hand painted pottery to create a Mexican theme. Go for daring colors and display different plates and utensils in your gallery or living room showcase. This will help you create the look you desire for your dream home.

Putting in vibrant colored ceramic tiles as flooring or wall art can significantly enhance the outlook of your place.  These Mexican tiles are available in a number of styles and unique designs that you can use for different locations in your home. Decorating the decks of your garden and especially lining the stairs with these tiles is a wonderful option. It will not only bring color to your place but also create a distinct aura that will change the outlook of your home.

Also, by changing the carpets and rugs at your place, you can create a strong Mexican look. The trick is to go for ambers, cobalt and crimsons and make use of either strong and bold geometric patterns or floral designs.  In addition, you can place decoration pieces made of metals such as iron and nickel. They won’t only add an ancient touch to the whole décor but will also give a royal and extravagant feeling to your place.

The point is to make creative use of anything that might recreate an Aztec touch and use your artistic sense to properly employ it. Once you are done renovating and redecorating your house, we can bet that you will have your friends and neighbors asking around for interior advice.

Keep in mind that overdoing anything takes the fun out of it so while you are designing make sure that you don’t overcrowd your place will all the junk you could find. Keep it nice and classic. Happy Aztec Living!


Rita Sheryl, an expert in home decor and an experienced interior designer, shares her thoughts about how to create an ancient Mexican look for your place. She talks about the use of different colors, Mexican talavera tiles and appropriate accessories to help you transform your place into an ancient Mexican hut.