You are more familiar with whiteboard animation than you think.

Chances are, you’ve already seen much of it in TV commercials and on many websites you’ve visited.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation is becoming the tool of choice for advertisers, trainers, and promoters in all industries.

The reason it has become so popular is that it is engaging.

It gives you an opportunity to add something clever and edgy to your website that is easily shared and linked to.

It also is the perfect medium for presenting your message in a clear, concise, and entertaining way.

Simple text on a webpage does not suffice in today’s world of entertainment-driven internet browsing.

Even business communications need to be presented in a way that is fresh and hip.

It’s true—hipness is in the eye of the beholder—but whiteboard animation is definitely one way to increase your hip points.

Whiteboard animation is the perfect tool for creating the following:

  • Training videos
  • Business communications (memos, policies, mission statements, etc.)
  • Website sparkle (make your website stand out)
  • Brand recognition
  • Product demos
  • Personnel bios
  • Commercials and advertisements

Pretty much anything that requires information being transferred from one human being to another can be presented effectively in whiteboard animation.

How the Process Has Evolved

The process of creating whiteboard animation videos is simple:

you take a creative story or storyboard (the story can be a marketing message, instructional how-to, or simply full of attention-grabbing humor),

and then record an artist drawing out that story on a space that looks like a whiteboard (or it may be an actual whiteboard).

Of course, the video is then sped up so the effect looks something like a time-lapse video or even a stop-motion video. Narration and music are then added.

This sounds expensive, and indeed, it used to be.

But, thanks to the rise in popularity and the development of software with the ability to create less labor-intensive whiteboard animations, the cost is negligible.

Many whiteboard animations of today are not actual recordings of artists drawing, but software generation of artists’ renderings, (i.e., you don’t see the artist himself).

Add Value to Your Marketing Strategy

With whiteboard animation you add value to your website, your message,

and your marketing efforts by engaging your website viewers and enticing them to stick around to see what other clever things you can do for them.

When compared to the of cost marketing efforts such as pay-per-click, social media,

and even YouTube videos and commercials, whiteboard animation comes out on top in providing biggest bang for your buck.

The simplicity of the medium helps you to really hone your message and present something that viewers can sink their teeth into right away.

Think about it: how many banner ads, videos, and bits of animated commercials have you ignored in just the past couple of days?

If you can’t remember off the top of your head, it’s because you’ve most likely ignored hundreds.

Every time you open your email you are bombarded with them.

They are becoming so rampant that consumers don’t really even notice them anymore.

The new way to grab attention is whiteboard animation.

Erik Kerr is the Founder of The Draw Shop, the leader in marketing videos, specializing in whiteboard animation and drawings.