So you have decided to take the plunge and go to college despite the rising cost and rough economy.

It is true college can still be a good way to advance your career potential if you know a good degree you want.


That being said, maybe you want something more unique then the average Bachelor of Arts degree.

As it turns out there are some pretty crazy degrees you may not have known existed that could just turn out to be for you.

Here are some options.

Oriental Medicine/Herbology

Today’s society is hooked on modern science and medicine and doesn’t seem to be too interested in study the ancient medicinal arts.

However, many people are becoming distrustful of all the modern medicine and prefer to keep things more natural.

More so, some people just don’t react well to some medication. Enter the herbalist. Many modern cures still have ancient roots.

Last time you were sick you probably took cough drops with some sort of soothing herb. Herbalist do this but on a much wider scale.

They have learned the properties of various plants and herbs and are adapt at combining them to treat illnesses.

It’s more common than most people realize and you might be surprised at just how effective they can be. Like they say, sometimes Mother Nature does it best.


It’s a small world and you are working to make it even smaller.

Nanotechnology is the part science, part art, of manipulating matter on an atomic or molecular scale with the specific goal of building microscopic devices.

You may have seen comic book characters that can shrink to subatomic levels?

Yea, you are basically making gear for them. Nanotechnologist works to shrink things down to as small a level as possible.

This can make the world a cleaner, more efficient and easier place to live, and have crazy things like micro-guitars that actually work and micro-flying drones.

This is especially useful in the computer world but is also highly applicable to medical, robots, the defense industry, electronics and other technical industries.

Nanotechnologist claim to be the way of the future and in a small way there are.


For real, you can become a modern day blacksmith. Blacksmithing is the manipulating and forging of metals to make particular shapes.

Yes, you can make armor, swords and other cool weapons but your most common work would come from custom jobs.

Antique collectors who need a custom-made part to restore that rare find, make a historical replica or specially designed iron gates, lamps or other odds and ends.

You may also go live and work at a historical recreation such as Plymouth Rock.

However the art really comes to life with “artistic blacksmithing.”

This fine art allows for the production of custom made decorations, ornaments, some jewelry and even statues.

You would most likely team up with a jeweler and a handful of other artist to make something truly beautiful and unique.

Of course you don’t have to choose these majors, you can always earn a more normal bachelor degree online from a school such as

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