The Power of InventionPeople have passion and dreams and once a year a handful of these people put those two composites together to come up with some pretty amazing inventions. Some scientists set out to win cash prizes for inventions, while others take pre-existing products and come up with new patens to add to them and improve the product. Others are motivated to simply make life easier and better by developing handy gadgets.


Some of the top inventions of 2013 include things that help safeguard the most vital parts of our life. All too often people drop their phones and shatter the screen. Our phones are our lifelines to work and to our social lives. We carry them on our persons no matter where we are. Sometimes when we are playing baseball a ball might strike our hip and crack the phone, despite our having believed it was safe in the pocket. Or we might be involved in heavy construction work and suffer phone damage from the careless use of power tools.

When Armortech was developed, things changed. This invention is a clear strip that is placed over a smart phone and protects it from everyday wear and tear. No longer will your keys scratch your phone when they are kept in a purse or in a pocket. In fact, Armortech has undergone rigorous lab testing and proved to be resistant to power drills, crowbars, hammers, razors and the phone even maintained its integrity when a cinder block was dropped on it.

When phones get damaged it can be devastating. People run the risk of missing important business calls or e-mails. Some may miss out on family emergency notifications. This is one of 2013’s greatest inventions that protect the most vital parts of our lives.


There is a new science that has lead to several products coming into the market. Security is a massive concern for everyone. It is absolutely necessary knowing our homes and offices are locked safe, and to know who has access to those places. Thanks to wifi door lock systems we can go about our daily routines knowing our private dwellings are secured from unwanted prying hands.

How it Works

There are a few different products to choose from when it comes to remote lock systems. The best ones will connect to the Internet via wifi allowing one to communicate with your door via a smart phone or a web browser. The app to work this system is available for Android and iPhone and allows the user to lock and unlock doors from anywhere in the world. So if you are on business in Dubai and your wife texts you from San Diego saying her purse and keys were stolen, you can use your smart phone to unlock the door instantly.

Explore the World of Inventions

There are many other products on the market that make life easier and safer. The world is moving at a fast pace and technology is fighting to keep up with it. By doing some online research and visiting online retailers you might discover a new product that will make your job and home life much better.

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