Where there is need of security to the business or home, roller shutters are often fitted there. They are either mounted on a door or the window which can be closed whenever needed. Offering a wide range of colours and designs, they become optimum for the home decor purpose along with catering to the security needs. They are of utmost importance in the business area where security is of major concern. Whether you opt for manual roller shutters or they are the electric control ones, the need to make sure that they work optimally without causing any casualities should be on the top priority list.


Installing the roller shutter is not difficult but it should function smoothly and perfectly. Many times people get the fittings done of a roller shutter at their place but forget about the maintenance of it. With time, everything deteriorates in it’s working quality and so is the case with this roller shutter. Specially the electronic roller shutters need to be repaired from time to time in order to avoid any injury which it causes to all the people available in it’s vicinity.

Research proves that the major cause of crush injuries at workplace is due to roller shutter coming in contact with the person. This is a shortcoming of the fitted motor which either does not work properly or lacks the fitting of safety device in it which protects the shutter from rolling down with too much of force. With the amendment of the safety act, it has been made sure now that any roller shutter should be made and fitted in accordance with the BS EN 12453 2001 i.e. Supply of Machinery Regulations law.

Repairing of the roller shutters becomes essential in order to save any human from being it’s victim. If not repaired from time to time, can lead to serious casualities and sometimes even death. Life is a precious gift and to live it to the maximum is every individual’s right. So make sure as an owner that you get the servicing of the fitted roller shutters regularly so as to avoid any consequences later. Keep a check list of the following points:

  • Have a Dead Man Switch:
  • Wondering what this is? This means that the roller shutter shouldoperate through a switch. While operating through it, one should be able to see the full opening or closing of the shutter. This will make sure that no damage occurs to the individuals.

  • Bottom Rail Safety Edge:
  • This is a must in case you have domestic roller garage doors. They stop the shutter as soon as it comes into contact with any person or object thus being more safer than the electronic ones. These safety devices are not fitted in the electronic ones but one should personally get them fixed to avoid any such situation.

  • Make Sure of Legislation:
  • Many people who take the place on rent think it is owner’s responsibility to check the working of the roller shutter. You should be careful about the place and the employees working over there. The safety of the employees is your responsibility. Check the shutter and get it repaired if needed.

When it comes to life or death, everyone opts for life. Being safe is the best way of living the life. So make sure that you give proper security surroundings to your working employees and to yourself. Even if the shutters are fitted at home, they need to be repaired from time to time to be in the safe zone. So get them repaired and stay blessed!