HighTech Gadgets on the Brinks of SciFiWe have all watched science fiction films and have admired some of the inventions of the future that television and movies have used to tease our imaginations. We may not have the ability to be “beamed up” from our home to a tropical paradise. And we may not have rocket cycles like the one Flash Gordon used to navigate the skies of Mongo. But thanks to some creative concepts brought to fruition via some of the brightest scientific minds, we are several steps further to living the life presented to us in our favorite films.

It’s not just all in the Wrist

There are many amazing 2013 inventions that make life easier while hinting of some major changes to come in technology. We have all seen the “people of the future” wave their hands in front of monitors to activate and interact with computers. Now we have this ability. The Genesis Ring Presenter is the first ring-style controller worn on the thumb that effortlessly navigates through web pages, power point presentations and documents with the wave of one’s hand. The power to control the web functions can be executed by simple gestures that will wow all spectators.

The Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets

The Genesis Ring presenter has an arsenal of hidden surprises. This in-air mouse also has a patented built-in laser pointer. You can also control slide movements in presentations and have the actual mouse functions like cursor movement, right/left/middle buttons, 4-way scrolling and the ability to drag. Consumers can read about the product on BechmarkReviews.com and learn how this portable breakthrough design has changed the way we work in business, academics and in our personal lives.

Products with Remote Access

Locking our keys in the car, the house or in our office has inconvenienced most of us. It can take a great deal of time and money to get a locksmith out to the house to resolve the matter. Having a wifi door lock feature will completely remove the risk form these annoyances happening again. Companies like Lockitron and LockState offer this technology that allows a user to unlock a door from a smart phone or a computer. Most of these products run with an app that is available for Android or iPhone.

Playing the Spy

These remote locking systems send notifications to users when their door is locked and unlocked. This is especially useful for parents of young teens who have some disciplinary problems. If a parent grounds a child and forbids them to leave the house, these remote lock systems will let a parent know when their child leaves the home. Parents can be at work and have peace of mind knowing that their child is home. They also have comfort knowing that the home is safe and secure


New inventions come out every year and challenge us to keep making bigger and better scientific contributions for the future. It is advantageous for consumers and gadget gurus alike to discover all the new releases and embrace that which makes life easier.

Image source: http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/479933-262312-3.jpg