A burglary can be a painful affair. You lose cash, valuable documents and precious time, plus, you have to file complaints and wait for police action. Therefore it makes sense to burglar-proof your home. Here are a few nifty tips and tricks that will help you do just that:

Burglar Alarm

A. For Home Owners

  • Windows:

Windows must be locked when you are stepping out, even for a few minutes. Ground floor windows must be double glazed or made of tough glass.

Remember, single glazed windows can be opened with ease. The locks used on the windows must be from a reputed brand and valuables must not be left near windows.

  • Doors:

The locks on the front and back doors must be robust – at least 5 levers. The back door is more vulnerable to attacks, so you must make it doubly resistant. The wooden door frames must be very strong and at least 45 mm thick. Additional door locks or supports also can be fixed.

If your door has a letterbox, it should be covered with an internal plate. The door must be equipped with a spy hole. Keys or other important items must not be left near the door.

  • Driveway:

Gravel must be used on driveways because it is almost impossible to walk on it without making a sound. The garden must be kept neat – if not, the intruders can hide in it. Vehicles must be locked inside the garage, not left in the driveway.

The fence should not be more than 1-meter tall because if it is, then intruders can get in and out without being noticed by neighbors/passers-by.

  • Interiors:

All valuable possessions must be kept in a secure area. You should consider lighting up your home when you are not around. Photograph all your valuables so that you have proof just in case they are stolen. Write your name on all gadgets with a chemical marker with indelible ink.

  • Buy a two way radio to immediately communicate with the authorities in case of a break-in when you’re around. Plus, install an intruder alarm system.

 B. For Apartments/Condos

  1. Buy aluminum doors with multi-locking systems and install additional door supports. If you’re using wooden doors, use those made with timber. Doors that open outwards must be fitted with hinge bolts. Spy glass should be installed on the door.The door must be secured 24/7 and all visitors must be permitted only after viewing them over a remote release facility (i.e. at the lobby level using audio-visual equipment).
  1. All balcony doors must have three locking points.
  1. Windows of units on the ground floor must be secured with window locks that can be opened with keys.
  1. A security alarm should be installed and a two way radio system must be purchased in case there’s a break-in when you’re at home.
  1. Powerful lighting must be fitted so that the bright light scares the burglar away.

Times are tough and a burglary can occur at anytime. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your home from thieves and robbers. These tips will help you secure your home or condominium unit and ensure that burglars are kept at bay.

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