You have read blogs and articles on what to do with WordPress Website Design or what are the best practices to follow, quick tips, things to do, etc. Do you know even after following what to do you can still make the mistakes by doing what should not have done?

Today, we will list some of the common mistakes to avoid in your WordPress website design. Mostly a new web development company or Freshers make these mistakes because they focus on what to do and forget that knowing what not to do is also equally important.

The Most Common WordPress Website Design Mistakes To Avoid

1 Skipping the Responsive WordPress Website Design

Probably the first thing to remember and also the first thing to get skipped is making the design responsive and multi-device friendly. Web designers focus on the SEO, and aesthetics of a website while forgetting about complying all of it with a responsive design.

2 Easy and Quick Work

There are plenty of free website builder platforms and applications available today. You can simply drag and drop the items in the right place. It’s quick and easy and what it does to your website is the point of concern. Each element or design facet you pick, it adds dozens of lines of code to the back-end of the website and makes it heavy. A heavy loaded website takes more time to load.

3 Too much of Everything

WordPress Website Design is an area of work where a designer has to consider not just designing ethics, but also SEO, and lead generation. This multi-departmental work sometimes creates a mess on the page. You don’t realize when you put CTA buttons one by one, but when you see all of them at once on a page, when they are everywhere in the header, footer, in the text, and in the sidebar then you realize you have over-dozed your website.

4 Bad Use of Header, Footers, and Sidebars

Headers, Footers, and sidebars are better used for additional navigation within the website. Web designers use it to display multiple advertisements and forget the real use of these places. Sometimes the footers are loaded with links and covers the whole screen once the user reaches the bottom of the page. These elements really add balance to your website when designed properly.

5 Failing in Conveying What you Want to convey

Again, in the midst of achieving extraordinary results, some of the basics of ‘why building a website’ are missed. The idea of delivering your core message to the audience gets blurry and focus gets shifted to a fancy website only. When building a single page or a navigational layout, focus on what would the visitor want and how to deliver that to them via this website.

6 Not Capturing Visitor’s Information

If you want conversion through your website and that doesn’t happen, it means you need to work out on your design part too along with the content. Content and design both guide the visitor from a useful information he/she wants to the next actionable step. This problem can be solved by taking an advice of a lead generation expert.

These are the 5 basic WordPress website design mistakes that an amateur and a fresh web development company does. Don’t let this happen in your web development project.

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