Despite the availability of so many tools and technologies, creating an ideal website isn’t straightforward. Making a website may seem easy, but if we want the best results, there are many things that we must put into perspective. Here are things that we need to be concerned about when developing a website:

  1. Design: Design is an essential aspect of our website. If people don’t like appearance of our website, they are less likely to stay. In this case, we fail to deliver the necessary information to readers. Often, it is better to use a simple, common template than being too creative. Structure and format of our website are essential pieces of the puzzle and they contribute a lot to the success of the website. We should organize text, images and the rest of content for our target audience. Before we do this, it is important to decide our own target market and figure out where specific elements of the design should do. Structure and format also play an important role for SEO performance.
  1. Content: Content is often the sole reason why people come to our website. Information that we provide should be perfectly readable and understandable. Any titbit of information in our website should be easy to find. We should use short paragraphs and bullets to properly display content. In SEO campaign, the focus is also on content and we want people to read our information. Our content should be legitimate, relevant, interesting, grammatically correct and intriguing. If we are able to do that, people will recommend our website to others. People will want to come back only if our content is good.
  1. Graphics and load time: Graphics are essential features of our website. By having attractive graphics and designs, we will make sure that people want to return to our website. Our website should be visually pleasant. It is also important to make sure that the website loads in seconds. Because there are many other similar websites, people will less likely to choose the one with the longest loading time. Too many graphics and complicated server-side code will cause our website to perform sluggishly.
  1. Links: The World Wide Web is interconnected by billions of links. We will need a lot of links on the navigation area, header, footer and in the content area itself. However, it is a bad idea to use too many links. This will create clutter and confusion within our website. In an article, we should keep the number of links fewer than eight. They should be directed to relevant parts of our website. Customers should be able to find things easily.
  1. SEO: SEO is an important thing to do if we want a lot of people to come to our website. Our web design should support enhanced SEO performance by making the layout easily navigable. We should use the right descriptions, keywords, content and other things.