Everyone loves to visit big retail stores every once in a while, I mean what’s not to like, right? Here is a place where you can probably buy anything you need and even more stuff you that you don’t. Most of everything is very inviting though. Do you really need that extra china set at your house? Do you need these tools that you probably don’t even know how to operate? More importantly: How is it that you can find everything under such a convenient place? How can the open market anticipate my needs in such a way? A lot of entrepreneurs use market studies to get a hold of what their customer base needs. Most of them are visionary enough to see an opportunity where other people can’t see anything.

Internet and the Collective Conscience  

In the past, too many ideas have been lost in the overwhelming train of thought of humanity. These days technology has evolved to become the magical means that many people use to get access to make their dreams come true. Take a minute to go to your social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are continually offering products on your feed based on your internet searches. We have become a collective conscience online, and the people who are looking for a chance to strike gold put a lot of their own resources to cover those particular needs you might have. Bringing an idea to life used to be expensive, you had to shop around your concept to people with money and beg for them to notice you. That also has changed a lot right now, and we are glad to say that is for the better.   

Modern Entrepreneurship 101

Right now as you read this someone has written an idea on paper. He or she will probably sit on it for a couple of days until they search for a friend that has some experience on what they are talking about. This person either develops his idea on his own or strikes a partnership with a like-minded person. Getting funded it’s not as hard as it used to. After getting a quick business loan with an agency or a bank, they will try their luck by contacting a rapid prototyping services to bring their idea to life. If they choose the right company, they will try out a few times until they get the right product finished and ready. Production runs are no longer an issue. Long gone are the days where a company needed to secure millions of units of a product to make a profit. A small entrepreneur can have a small shipment of his brand new product in months and start a marketing campaign.

Reaping the Rewards

The big retailers might not notice him at first, but this small entrepreneur manages to sell his first shipment in just under a month. By now he has a good relationship with his manufacturer, and he invests the whole of his profits into a new shipment. He strikes gold again, and the market takes notice. A few try to replicate his idea, but he improves his product, he makes it better. There is a moment when his Shopify website will not be enough. Big retailers will make contact and Voila! He’s a brand new millionaire. This is not a fable; this can happen to anyone, that’s the power behind rapid prototyping services and initiative. Will you be the next to try your luck?