Though it looks like a mini iPad, the latest New iPad Mini has so much to offer to you and is till now known to be the best amongst small screen tablet section.

The latest iPad is pretty much thin and is around 0.29 inches. It comes with a narrow bezel towards the edges with a wider one at the bottom and top. Well not to forget it bears great similarity with the iPad Air spec features and the retina display is definitely one feature that pulls eyeballs towards it. This sparkling brilliant Retina display is a distinctive feature of iPad Mini and it’s used in Mac, iPhones and also on bigger iPads.

This mini iPad, the small guy can be easily manipulated due to its user friendly features, plus it can be pushed inside your pocket without much difficulty. The Retina display of this small guy is around 7.9-inches and as per Apple, it is around 35% bigger than the other usual 7 inch tablet displays. The resolution is 2048 by 1536, plus it has greater crammed in pixels per inch, helping you to aptly focus on mini or tiny stuff.

New iPad Mini

Wow, the amazing powerhouse packed processor needs to be mentioned which is an enormous 64-bit A7, pretty colossal for a mini iPad. Plus, it comes with an additional second antenna together with its gleaming built in technology to shore up wireless performances. Its wireless performance is brilliant and reviews have been scorching in positively.

The machine that it runs on is the prevailing operating system that is the iOS 7 together with its core. It comes with more than 475,000 apps which have been specifically designed for Ipad users, providing you with a powerful smooth performance. Some of the common apps you would come across that is also available on Apples iPhone is GarageBand, Numbers, iMovie, Keynote, and many more, all for free.

If you are in minds to get Retina Mini for yourself, then you can get a 16GB of storage Wi-Fi-only Retina Mini for around $399. Whilst for the 128 GB Retina together with cellular features, you will have to pay around $829.

For $299 with Wi-Fi, you will be able to get hold of the lower resolution Mini and along with cellular the price would rise up to around $429. Do to so many sparkling and realistic features and over the top performances, the iPad mini definitely scores big.