hubsan h501s pro, the GPS allowed Follow me quadcopter gets an elevation, it’s now sold as Progressive Version by a more effective 5.8 ghz FPV1 receiver. Primarily Hubsan H501s Was released through the standard incorporated FPV receiver (Hubsan Trademark Design).

The Husban H501S Innovative version also mentioned as proficient variation is a great upgrade from the preceding standard form’s controller. This new smooth controller senses big and natural in hands plus has a devoted 5.8 ghz FPV antenna for the video gesture. If you were to select among the standard form and the progressive version, I would commend to spend few more cash to get this receiver. In-addition you could use 12V 3S rechargeable lipo battery by a JST connector to power the receiver further the 8 AA cells.

The H501S is a 220mm rtf drone, which mentions to the distance among the motors, crosswise. It doesn’t have tall landing bases, instead trusting on small standoffs under the motor, which means you cannot easily take off – or land – in elongated grass.

It’s quite compacted for a non-folding drone, plus very light at 410g. There is a choice of black and white, as well as both have gold accents.

For its value, the H501S flies actual well. It’s steady, easy to control plus gives you confidence to hover high and far away, even while it’s quite windy.

By default it will not even take off unless it has a hard GPS signal, and you have to investigate into the on-screen menus toward disable this behavior.

It is not the fastest around, and it’s not going to contest with a racing drone for example the ViFly R220, however it is a lot of fun. The battery lasts an astonishingly long time, too – round 20 minutes in warm environments with low wind.

You can see on the display how high you’re hovering and how numerous meters away from you the H501S is. It moreover shows the power of the batteries in the regulator and on the drone itself, and would warn you while either are running low. Some of the additional on-screen display appears a bit needless, for example the GPS harmonizes, and the low resolution and bright colors do make it appearance a bit dated, however it is functional.

You can usage the menu keys toward start and stop record videos, and take photographs, although you cannot do both at the same time. Brushless motors offer better performance than their brushed complements. In addition, propeller add-on is self-tightening for added security

The screen displays the recording time or, while taking photos, the residual number that can be stowed on the card. As the remote has a display, there is no requisite for a phone app or any coupling: the H501S is ready toward fly.