General Manager of St. Louis Cardinals John Mozeliak conveyed to the mass what set this emblem exceptional as they took their last tour to the World Series at the Busch Stadium last month. He said that that it talks highly about their club and their viewpoint. Though he added that whenever he is thinking about the schedule the first name that comes to his mind is Carlos Beltran.

Previos two seasons Carlos has done his best for the Cardinals and general manager John is quite affectionate towards him but Carlos will be playing elsewhere as the Yankees really want him bad. Allen Craig will be moved to the right field, with Matt Adams keeping his position at first. General Manager has prepared moves that have made new positions available for players.

The Cardinals played it well and did not lose their pitching intensity at all. Matt Holliday the left fielder and Yadier Molina the catcher are said to be in the similar spot on the first day making them regain their earlier positions in the September match.

General Manager John said that the team is going to be a go- getter in the next few weeks. They are still in an influencing situation and are expecting pitches in their name.

Though the cardinals are fond of Carlos but they are not hesitating to go ahead even without his presence. Earlier they have done so with Albert Pujols and David Freese. Sentiments have to be set aside in this game.

The Cardinals have contracted Freese to the Los Angeles for Peter Bourjos the center fielder and Randal Grichuk the outfielder Last week. They have also taken Jhonny peralta on Monday for a period of four years. Jon Jay has been replaced by Bourjos, who was playing usually for Angels. Peralta, of the Detroit Tiger, replaced Pete Kozma.

General Manager John believes in giving chance to people who display talents and are worth being kept in the league. They also have to manage on cost to keep players like Holliday, Molina Paralta and Wainwringht.

Peralta will be giving the Cardinals a right-hand hit which in other case would be a left-hand hit. Penalties related to drugs should be harsher as suggested by players David Aardsma and Brad Zeigler due to irritation faced earlier regarding doping issues.

The Cardinal is building a list minimizing the pricey emotions that can bring the team down in the future. They are building a stable and controlled move that will represent them in future.

John Mozeliak adds that they would just want to be faithful in the course of time.