What To Consider When Buying A WatchSome say a watch is the in integral part of a person’s wardrobe. It serves as much more than a time keeping device. A watch is a statement of an individual’s personality.

When looking to purchase a new watch, there are several questions that can overwhelm you. For example, do you choose modern or traditional? What outfit does the watch go with? Are you excited over the new smart watches where you’ll probably have nonstop access to your social media accounts? Take these and other questions into consideration to at least narrow down your search for a premier time keeping device that upgrades your personal appearance.

As you glance over reviews, sales ads, and try on pieces, take these 5 questions into consideration.

When Will I be Wearing the Watch?

Some people purchase several different types of watches for the various outfits they wear. When working out or running, a person may wear a sport’s watch from that keeps track of the distance they run or their heart beat. The new sport watches continue to premier various functions to enhance the athletic experience.

Is the watch for a tux, suit, or every day use outside of the business world? Depending on the main outfit the watch accompanies, you may want to differentiate between a watch one with leather bands, a digital watch, or a classic time piece.

Is it Really Water Resistant?

Do you actually need a water resistant watch? Are you going swimming with this watch? The answer is most likely no. Then why do you even take the chance by testing the “water resistant” feature on your watch by bringing it to suspect places such as the shower?

The only watch wearer that should be concerned over this feature is the athlete. If you sweat profusely, then maybe a water resistant watch comes in handy to protect against your sweat while exercising.

Otherwise, don’t dwell on this feature that long and do not test the limits by bringing your watch into the ocean or shower.

Importance of Watch Life?

Do you want a watch that will outlive you? It depends on the watch and the personal value you attach to it. Some fathers like to pass on watches to their sons. These traditions aren’t unheard of. If this is the case, then invest in a vintage or high quality watch that’s crafted to live beyond your lifetime. You want the watch to not only grow in sentimental value when it goes from son to grandson, but the financial value should rise as well.

Modern or Traditional?

The line that separates modern and traditional watches is very thin. The most modern functioning watches, such as the soon to be released smart watches, perhaps provide too many functions that aren’t necessary. If you already have instant information through other mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. What’s the relevance of a smart watch? It’s a unique perspective for a wrist accessory.

But if you’re looking for a simple, classic yet modern stylistic time piece, then maybe a watch such as the Nixon watches from Dogfunk.com are a great addition to your wardrobe.

When considering modern vs traditional watches, look at the functionality and style. You might want to explore all the options prior to making this major decision.

Image Source – gemssty.com