A new kind of electronic queuing system has been started by the officials of White House so as to resolve their concerned health insurance because they have started to feel that improved advancements may commence after the website gets fixed after this weekend.

With only a matter of few days left before the self imposed target date that is 1st December, the secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius reassured everyone that is the local politicians and the reassured state that the administration would try to meet up and start off with normal work, as per the promised standard time.

She further stated that they were also into an open enrollment system for about eight weeks and were trying their level best to get on track, so that by the end of the month, they could provide everyone with a drastically improved user experience without any hazards or inconvenience.

Obamacare Exchange Experiences A New Improved Electronic Queues System In White House

She also urged everyone to assist and recommend their folks to stop hesitation and visit the healthcare.gov and immediately gets signed up as they are providing a much enhanced and better user experience currently and will try to work in a much improved way henceforth.

But she also hinted that as per the Affordable Care Act they might be requiring tweaks which will expand to an extended deadline for the insurance enrollment as this was no easy magic trick which could get generated by switching on a magical trick. The work is being done systematically with an improved user experience every day. Plus, they have also infused hardware as well as several software’s, they have modified and worked on several parts of the website which were previously confusing people. They have tried making things easier and user friendly.

She also stated that the improvements will continue even after December as they have already started getting updates and reviews from users and hence they would want to continue with these updates for smooth functioning.

Josh Earnest the spokesperson of White House stated that one important part which has been much highlighted is thy have placed in a queuing system. If at a time more than 50,000 users use the website together, then people will receive an email from the end of the website, when the traffic has reduced and they will also get along a link with the email. Once the link is clicked they will be directed to the main page and the website will be accessed easily. They have been trying to improve the system in every way possible and will continue to do so for smooth functioning and provide a positive user experience.