So you’ve spent time chatting to a certain interesting someone online, and you’re ready to take it to the next stage and actually meet. How do you take things forward?

Speak on the Phone First

This can be a really good way to bridge the gap between chatting online and actually meeting in person. You will be able to get a better sense of the person by hearing their voice, the way they speak and seeing if you can establish a rapport. Now if you find that the phone conversation isn’t exactly flowing and sparkling, don’t worry or instantly write off your potential date. Some people are just dreadful on the phone! However, if when you speak you have a gut feeling that this person isn’t right for you – or perhaps is very different to the persona projected via email – then you may wish to pause and investigate a little further before committing your time to a date.

That First Blind Date — How To Prepare

The First Date

If you are returning to the dating scene after a break, it can feel utterly nerve-wracking to be preparing to meet someone for the first time again. In fact, some people say that it kicks off a series of conflicting emotions, particularly if they have come out of a previous marriage or long-term relationship. Accept these feelings and work through them. Remind yourself that it is a chance to meet someone nice and new and to have a fun evening and to see if there is anything more. There is no expectation or onus on you to take things further if you don’t wish to. By removing any source of pressure from yourself, you can begin to relax and look forward to it.

Remember too that if you are one of the many over-50 age group trying Senior Dating for the first time, then you will very likely be meeting someone else with a similar background and probably similar mixed feelings — nervousness, slight apprehension, excitement and even discomfort at being thrown into a new situation.

Choose a nice, well-known and comfortable spot to meet. If it is somewhere that you know, then all the better — although you may prefer to avoid your local if you are likely to bump into a bunch of people that will interrupt your date and show eager interest in the proceedings. A quiet country pub can be a good option, as can a cafe or coffee shop for a midday drink or lunch rather than committing to a full evening. Remember that a dinner date can work wonderfully when you know a little about the other person, but it can also be a long evening if you don’t click.

That First Blind Date — How To Prepare

Safety First

Always remember to follow basic safety rules and look after yourself. Make sure someone trusted knows where you are and with whom. Ask a friend or family member to call you at some point to check that you are all right. Don’t drink too much and arrange your transport home. And above all, enjoy it, keep an open mind and have fun!