The warm season in Cincinnati is filled with sunshine and the sounds of kids playing outdoors. You can enhance children’s play time around your home with a toddler swing set or a swing set that accommodates older children. At first glance building these elaborate swing set structures may seem intimidating but modern manufactures have made these toddler swing sets and other types of play apparatus very user friendly. There has been extensive thought behind how to make building these play sets easy even for those who do not typically enjoy DIY projects. Here are some helpful pre-planning tips prior to purchasing your kids a new swing set.

Preplan Your Installation

Even before you select a new toddler swing set or other type of play apparatus, it’s important to measure the area of your yard where you expect it to fit. According to, you should “Select an area that has plenty of shade, but no low hanging limbs, with firm ground.” Bring height and length measurements with you when you go shopping for your new swing set. You may need to remove some tree roots and will probably want to even out the ground before constructing your swing set.

 Building A Swing Set For Your Kids May Be Easier Than You Think

Swing Set Selection

You’ll find that there are many different swing set models available today. If you are looking for a low-maintenance type, be sure to select a model that is pre-stained. You’ll thank yourself later. It typically takes anywhere from three to eight hours to erect a backyard swing set, but if you need to stain the lumber, it will take substantially longer. Many of today’s swing sets come in redwood or cedar, woods that are known for both their beauty and durability. These woods also hold up well outdoors during Cincinnati’s four-season climate.

How Difficult Is Construction?

Today’s swing sets are designed with moms and dads in mind. As most components are prebuilt, there is no sawing involved. By following the step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to assemble each piece of your new swing set. Depending on the model, two people may be required to construct the swing set. When you select your model, you’ll want to ask questions about the construction from a knowledgeable sales rep.

“But I Really Don’t Want to Build It!”

If the thought of a DIY project during the humid dog days of summer turns you off, never fear. You don’t have to pay a general contractor to build you one from scratch. When you purchase a model from a vendor like Swings N Things, you can opt for their installation service and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade while watching the crew erect your children’s new swing set.

Whether you opt for installation or do-it-yourself, you’ll find that a backyard swing set is easier to construct than you thought. It adds so much fun to your kids’ outdoor play that you’ll wish you had built one sooner!