While we love to sunbathe in the summer, and enjoy the positive effects it has on our skin, unfortunately it is possible to get carried away and to get sunspots on the skin. These sunspots are due to too much sun exposure, usually in places which are most exposed.

Although they are not dangerous, it is always better to visit a dermatologist in order to make sure that nothing serious is going on and that if you need professional help you get it immediately.

Brown Spots

Sunspots are also called brown spots, and they tend to appear at the upper body parts, like the face, neck and the chest area which is most exposed to UV rays. In essence, these spots are an overflow of skin pigments called melanin. Instead of evenly distributing these pigments, small patches are more packed than others, and that is why we have little spots on our bodies.

Sunspots are harmless and besides sometimes clashing with your looks, they do nothing. However, many other skin diseases can look like sunspots so it is always a good idea to get a skin exam if you notice a sunspot on your body. Just to be sure and to know that you are healthy.

Sunspots: Is There A Reason To Be Worried?

UV Rays

UV rays are the primary cause for forming sunspots, and of course, most UV rays come from the sun. And even though many think that tanning beds are not like the sun, it is possible to get sunspots even from getting a tan artificially. However, it will depend a lot on your skin type when and how sunspots will develop.

Moreover, tanning bed sunspots are called “freckles”, and unfortunately they are usually more numerous than natural sunbathing would form. And in order to protect your skin from extensive sun damage, here is an interesting video that show the mechanism of sunscreen, how our skin looks through a UV camera with and without protection:

Getting Rid of Sunspots

Although sunspots are harmless, many want them to be gone from their bodies, and even home-made remedies exist which almost everyone can use either as ointment or part of their diet. Many creams are developed for sunspot removal, and they are working remarkably well. In order to avoid newer sunspots, it is better to use proper sun-care.

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruit which contain Vitamins C, B and E are also good for making the sunspots fewer in numbers, and also these vitamins help along with skin damage repair.

Professional Help

We have asked the experts from Clearskincare Clinics, one of the companies that specialize in acne treatment in Sydney, but deals with other skin imperfections as well, about the permanent sunspots removal. The procedure is done without any kind of pain and discomfort; you will need as little as two sessions to get rid of all the annoying sunspots on your body. The laser treatment breaks up the pigment cloths in your skin, fast and painlessly; the laser destroys these patches of skin and lets new healthier skin grow instead of its place to replace the spots.

If you wish to treat yourself to a nice day at a spa and to spoil yourself, why not get a chemical peel. These chemical peels will basically remove the top layers of the skin, and not only will it make your skin look younger in the end, and remove sunspots, but you will feel great and refreshed. However, the peel will leave the skin red for a few days.