Technologies from time to time. The company is known to have dealing in offering innovative products with the best quality services for a long time. One of the new technologies is known as BestSound and it includes many additional characteristics to cope with many typical problems. The best part about the high profile brands is that they avail products that are not only have advanced technology to provide better hearing solutions but also make sure that it makes listening as comfortable as possible for users. It delivers devices and services that meet the requirements of the people as per their lifestyle and severely of the hearing problem.

Siemens are very a known German company where the technologies spread across to multitude of industry. It is considered to be the market leading in the field of availing advanced products. Of all the other hearing aid manufacturers, Siemens is one of the companies recognized by almost everyone. They are the largest manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide.

Siemens Hearing Aids - Best Hearing Aids With Best Prices

They come in many designs, styles and colors for everyone. Siemens hearing aid prices in India also varies according to the type that you require.

Ace Binax 

Ace is the smallest hearing aid product available. The design of this device makes it newly invisible and the fitting range is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The Ace Binax can be operated and controlled with a new touchControl app for many mobile phone devices. The apps make it easy to adjust the volume and program changes. It is IP 67 rated that makes the hearing aid waterproof, sweat and dirt proof. Ace Binax uses a standard size 10 of battery. Also the pushbutton is used for the on-off function and program changes.


It is the only hearing aid that has an IP68 rating and is completely waterproof, allowing continuous immersion in 1 meter (3 feet) of underwater. It is also dust proof, grit proof and shock resistant. It can be used for a powerful hearing receiver for moderate to severe hearing losses and can be used with a standard tube and custom ear-mold. Aquaris has a tinnitus control feature and is Bluetooth compatible. The Siemens hearing aid prices in India of this device varies as per the functionality and the features along with the type of problem.

Carat Binax

This type of device is full of unique features, convenient, easy-to-use and very discreet. It has various new characteristics such as spatial speech focus, narrow directionality, spatial configurator, binaural eWindscreen and e2e Wireless 3.0. It has the IP 67 rating, which makes the hearing aid waterproof, sweat and dirt proof. Even Carat can be immersed in 1 meter (3 feet) under the water. The Carat Binax is size 12 of a battery and can be recharged. The rocker switch helps in adjusting the volume and program change. Also it is compatible for the usage of Bluetooth and comes in different Siemens hearing aid prices in India.