Last year was the year of the leggings and the jeggings. The year saw tight leggings and jegging become increasingly common. Stylish variations in leather and other fabrics became trendy in 2013, and so did a variety of prints, patterns and colors.

This year, other garments and accessories will become increasingly popular. One of them is going the common hat. Customizations and fashionable variations of hats will become increasingly popular this year.  Here are some essential fashion tips for hats and fascinators for the essential 2014 look that will make you look stylish this year.

Fashion Tips On Hats and Fascinators For 2014

Buying Hats for your look

As a custom milliner made look becomes common, it will become common for people to find a hat that suits their personality, style as well as face. This means that the generic hat that someone gifted you will soon not be considered trendy – it will instead look shabby as it will not match the rest of your wardrobe or overall look.

Not all hat types suit every face, and it is essential to pick out styles based on your face cut, complexion and overall style. This includes the kind of clothes you wear.

Have a second opinion

Unlike other pieces of your wardrobe, a hat is something that is extremely hard to shop for. Anyone knows how to pick out a everyday wardrobe items like pair of jeans, or a shirt. However, unless you are very well versed in the different kinds of hats, it is advisable to have a second opinion.  Take along a trusted friend or relative to the department store or boutique where you are planning on trying on a few hats – ensure he/she is extremely patient, and not going to laugh at the variety of hats you are going to try on.

While shopping assistants may also provide a good opinion, know that they are looking to make a sale and may flatter you to enable you to swiftly make a purchase decision, instead of providing you an honest opinion on what looks good on you.

Choosing fascinator color

Deciding upon the right fascinator colors is not easy. It is advisable to keep an eye out on fashion magazines to see a look you like, and then try it on until you can be bold and adventurous with your look.  The most logical way of identifying the color and aesthetic of the fascinator is to consider matching it with your wardrobe.

Shopping for Fascinators online

While buying fascinators, it is advisable to check out the range of fascinators online. They are often displayed on a model, and you’ll get an idea of what may not suit you. And, you might even find a great one to buy online directly, and have it delivered home.

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