It’s nothing new. That is the thing that Oracle (ORCL) is saying in regards to Larry Ellison’s resignation as the organization’s CEO. Its presidents, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, had been taking care of the regular operations of Oracle for quite a long time, with Ellison investing the majority of his time pondering engineering methodology. “They merit the distinguishment,” Ellison told investigators yesterday. “They merit the CEO title.” For attention, Catz included later, “There will be no change. At all.”

While business as usual inside Oracle may continue as before, something has absolutely changed with Ellison venturing down. For me, its an out and out sad minute. Ellison was the last part of a gathering of author Ceos who assembled the American engineering industry into the jealousy of the world. Furthermore, he transformed being a CEO into a fine art. Thinking once more on Ellison’s profession, I ponder whether anybody has ever delighted in being a CEO more. I think the answer is no.

Sometimes, Hollywood will throw out a motion picture with a rich, overwhelming business magnate as a character. This gentlemen dresses pleasant, drives quick autos, encompasses himself with excellent ladies, does offbeat things, is a savage contender, and panics the blazes out of his prepare to leave now and again by participating in outrageous enterprises. All these characters are displayed on Ellison.

Four relational unions. Once the wealthiest man on the planet. Clowned about shooting an opponent CEO and his pooch. Sent private examiners to burrow through rubbish while doing combating Microsoft (MSFT) in court. Fabricated a $200 million house in Woodside, Calif. Purchased the island of Lanai. Had his plane contender. Won the America’s Cup. Financed the Ellison Medical Foundation to annihilation maturing. Purchased many properties in Malibu. Put resources into and Netsuite, two of Oracle’s rivals. Called a columnist a “slime ball.” Watched Oracle get Pillar Data Systems, his startup. Topped the most noteworthy paid CEO list commonly. Jeered notwithstanding controllers. Assumed control over the BNP Paribas Open tennis competition and made Rafael Nadal his home visitor. Survived 1998′s unsafe Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race. What’s more that is just off the highest point of my head.

Presidents who pay themselves extravagantly, procure their new businesses with organization cash, and hang out with much more youthful ladies have a tendency to get in a bad position and lose their employments. Ellison got into a bad situation a few terrible articles reprimanding his conduct here and there—however he never truly thought about the negative consideration. He positively never lost his employment.

“It’s not that he escaped with stuff,” says Scott Mcnealy, the previous CEO of Sun Microsystems, which Oracle obtained in 2010. “Shareholders are permitted to vote with their wallets. He was tormentingly above board about what he was doing and how he felt, whether it needed to do with inappropriate behavior claims, his pay, or rivals. He never had a go at you from some other point of view than doing what was best for Oracle. He’s not tone hard of hearing. He simply picked not to listen to the media, or experts, or financial specialists, or regularly his clients. More power to Larry. I trust he gets to accomplish more things.”

Through the years, I’ve recognized that individuals in Silicon Valley have a tendency to feign exacerbation when Ellison’s name comes up. He’s been personified as a spook playboy, and individuals assume it would be terrible to hang out with him. Those closer to Ellison, however, know him as a definitive conversationalist—sharp, enchanting, and truly passionate. He may not be the most affable fellow in innovation, however, on numerous days, he’s the most fascinating.

There’s dependably been a profundity to Ellison and a vitality. He made being an incredibly wealthy CEO look like so accursed much fun. I’ve come to consider him an expert skilled worker in the craft of appreciating life. While Ellison will even now associate with as Oracle’s boss innovation officer and one of the world’s most fun extremely rich people, his model as CEO will be missed.