Throughout all the excitement of preparing for marriage, there are still essential things that need to be discussed with your future spouse. Many couples overlook the importance of these important discussions, thinking that things will work themselves out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Communicating with your future spouse on areas important to the future of both of your lives should be one of the first things done after agreeing to engagement. Here are four things to discuss with your future spouse to ensure that you are on the same page for where your life together is headed.


Not all couples who get married have the goal of children in mind. Ensure that you and your future spouse are on the same page when it comes to when to have kids or having children at all.

If you’re not sure how to introduce the discussion, try going to visit a mutual friend who has children already. This is a great way to see how you both feel about the prospect of having children. On the way home, you can discuss things like when you would like to have children (if at all), what type of schools you would like your children to attend, and how many children you would like to have.


Before you get married, make sure that you discuss the expectations that you have for each other’s careers and how that will play out in your everyday lives. Ensure that the discussion includes things like financial responsibility, what happens if either of you needs to work overtime, or how you’ll split holidays if both of your jobs require you to work them.


It’s important to have the discussion with your future spouse about the type of lifestyle you both expect to live after you’ve married. Make sure that you either agree or can come to a compromise on things like dining out, savings plans, and retirement.

Where You’ll Live

Knowing where you live with a newly combined life is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make as a married couple. Be sure to discuss with your spouse-to-be whether you’d rather look at apartments for rent or live in a house, or if you’d prefer to have a more flexible means of living so that you both can travel together.

These are just some of the things that you’ll need to discuss with your future spouse as you prepare for a life together. Don’t let any of these subjects scare you. Once the conversation starts, it’s usually not terribly difficult to continue.