You don’t just get addicted. This often takes years. For example, it has become clear that people who come for alcohol detox have been walking around for years with all kinds of alcohol problems. So getting addicted to alcohol takes a long time. People constantly using alcohol to change their mood are at risk. They find that without alcohol they can no longer be happy or lose your tensions or fears.


With people who become addicted you will see the following symptoms occur over time:

Drink for the effect

The problem behind alcohol addiction is drinking because of the effect. The drinker wants to change his mood, get a happy feeling or don’t want to suffer from tensions, fears or gloom. One who drink sometimes to change his/her mood to make it cheerful and light. However, the mood change that the drinker strives for is much more necessary and compelling for him. He simply won’t succeed without alcohol. He feels bad and uses the alcohol to feel good again. That might not even be so bad if he does it once, but if he does that systematically, he runs the risk of his body getting alcoholic.

Greedy Drink

The drinker drinks quickly, always being the first to empty his glass. Sometimes he secretly drinks. The use may not stand out too much.

Desire for Alcohol

The drinker can have a strong desire for alcohol and become restless if that desire cannot be met.

Blackouts Occur

With a blackout you forgot what happened during the intoxication. For example, you no longer know how you got home. In the beginning you are frightened by black out but for a drinker it become very normal. This indifferent attitude towards a blackout in particular is a signal.

The Development of Problems due to Alcohol

Drinking is at the expense of family / friends, work and hobbies. The drinker is increasingly having problems with family and work. Problems that are more the result of drinking a lot than the cause of it. The question: “Do I drink because I have problems or do I have problems because I drink?” Becomes topical. The problems are addressed by drinking again. This way the drinker comes down in a spiral.

Suffer from Withdrawal Symptoms

At some point, withdrawal symptoms such as poor sleep, perspiration, shaking and becoming anxious and tense also occur.

Loss of Control

If there is a lot of drinking for a long time, a loss of control can occur. The drinker is then no longer able to stop after a number of drinks and drinks through to total drunkenness.

Do you need Alcohol Detox?

Stopping alcohol and / or substance use is called detoxification or alcohol detox. During the alcohol detox you go through a program, focused on support, guidance and medical care to avoid alcohol addiction. Together with you experts at alcohol detox center try to gain insight into the problems that you are dealing with, inviting you to take a first step on the road to change. Alcohol Detox is not a complete treatment, after detoxing one starts treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy.