Since kids tend to bounce back quickly after injuries, many parents fail to recognize that certain common childhood injuries can sometimes cause permanent disability or death without professional treatment. They often don’t seek out needed medical attention for their kids until symptoms become severe. The following three common injuries may need more attention then you typically provide your child or children.

3 Kids Injuries That May Need More Attention

Scratched Eye

Beyond loose eyelashes, kids often get dirt, glitter and other small materials trapped between their upper or lower eyelids and eye after rubbing their eyes with their fingers. Some children scratch themselves by accident with hangnails. Also, your child might have a condition known as trichiasis in which their body produces eyelashes that curl back toward the eye. In any of these scenarios, a microorganism can get into the scratch and cause an infection that destroys vision or the entire eye.

Bone Bruise

Kids often acquire bruises that many parents consider as nothing more than temporary skin discoloration. The existence of bone bruises should make parents reconsider their misconception. When an impact happens in areas covered by thin surface tissues like the front of a leg or side of forearm, a bone bruise can occur that’s more serious than a fracture. Some companies, like Cobra Sports International, know that this can occur from doing things like playing volleyball, skateboarding, or even running. If your child’s bruise doesn’t start fading within a few days or the area turns pink and remains painful for weeks, see a doctor. A bone bruise can last months and requires changes to the level and duration of your child’s activities. Doctors must also monitor bone bruises because reduced blood flow can cause part of the bone to die.

Animal Bite

Animals of all sizes have microorganisms in their mouths that can cause infections. Depending on the location and depth of a bite, bacteria can continue to wreak havoc after skin heals. Even tiny bites from adorable young dogs, possums, or raccoons can cause sepsis and spread diseases like rabies. Also, if your child is bitten by someone else’s pet, you should seek more than medical assistance.

You have put a lot of time, money, emotions, and energy into having children in your life. Don’t make that decision meaningless by allowing common childhood injuries to permanently harm your kids. Talk to your family doctor as soon as possible to learn more methods for handling these and other common injuries.