Health can be referred to as the functional condition of your mind and body and the level with which you accomplish all your mental and physical activities. In a more familiar sense, the word healthy is associated with a person who is devoid from any and all sorts of illness and at the instance of speaking has not sustained any physical damage or injury. With some of the world’s well known organizations describing healthy as a person who possesses a state of absolute mental, physical as well as social well being so that he can freely move within the society, the definition has surely come a long way since the times when it merely meant a person free from disease and infirmity. The definition stated is quite controversial due to its lack of operational value; however it still remains quite enduring.

Stay Healthy and Live Longer

Eating Habits are a Life Deciding Factor

The majority of diseases or the problems that are faced by the general population are attributed to the eating habits that gain popularity in a particular region. A healthy diet helps in improving as well as maintaining your health as it reduces all sorts of health risks like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases and even the worst of all cancer. A healthy diet could comprise of various foods like fresh fruits, whole grains and various kinds of vegetables as all of these are essential in creating a perfect metabolism for our body while simultaneously satisfying the caloric necessity and providing essential nutrients as well as creating an adequate water level in the body. Researches from some well known departments even show that the death rate in counties with healthier eating habits is far less than in the counties with adverse diet intake.

Healthy Counties against Non Healthy Counties

In a county having a non healthier diet ratio, the life expectancy of an individual is far less than the life expectancy of an individual living in a county with healthier eating habits. Apart from a higher death rate in such counties, a few other repercussions include more poverty and an increase in crime rate as compared to healthy counties. It does not stop here as the places with less healthy diets have more deaths due to majority people opting for life shortening practices like excessive smoking and the use of drugs. Teenage pregnancies as well as physical inactivity along with avertable hospital stay are some of the other repercussions of unhealthy counties.

Narrowing down the Areas that Require Health Uplift

According to health statistics and surveys, the various health behaviors including healthy food intake, physical atmosphere of the county including parks and the quality of water as well as the extent of air pollution are all key factors that decide the health of the overall county and its inhabitants on an average. For uplifting the health of the entire county practices such as preventive screenings like examination by doctors in nonprofit hospitals for advising improved eating practices and regular exercise methods should not be a rare commodity.