Cockroaches are common problems in every household since they just need a small amount of moisture or dampness to survive and settle in a place. So, they are especially an irritating and bothersome issue in humid areas. These are hard to kill and cause a number of different diseases and allergies. There are various options or roach baits available in the market to handle cockroach infestation such as bait stations, granular baits or bait gels.

Kill Cockroach - Learn About Cockroach Baits Like Roach Gels

What are Roach Baits?

Roach baits can be defined as the formulation that attract cockroaches and when they eat the baits it becomes lethal to them. There are various types of roach baits on the basis of the area to be baited and the species of cockroaches infesting it. These baits include bait stations for both indoor and outdoor use, granular baits for outdoor use and bait gels for indoor use or on the external building surfaces.

What’s a Roach Gel?

These are a popular way of handling and eliminating roach infestation for professionals and consumers alike. These are better than sprays or other types of over the counter bait in terms of effectiveness, it can be easily applied and it lasts for as long as 6 months. Both the above mentioned factors are the causes of increasing popularity of gel baits. There are following two types of gel baits that are available for customers

  • The gel bait made with Hydramethylon – It’s a slow acting toxin for roaches but every roach that feeds on the gel takes some back to the colony to share with other roaches thus every roach ingesting the gel can kill up to 40 roaches.
  • The gel bait made with Fipronil – they are lethal to roach ingesting it and kill them quickly.

Benefits of Gel Bait

  • The thickness of gel baits prevents them from evaporating or losing their effectivity
  • They can be applied precisely since they are applied using a syringe. Thus, they are potent and effective indoors and in tight spaces.
  • They don’t have fumes, so their application is safer and easier

The gel should be replaced after 90 days and it should be applied in areas with null foot traffic to keep it out of reach of pets and children.

The granular baits are used outdoors, in crawl spaces, wall voids, and attics. It can be easily broadcasted on a larger area where the roaches are supposed to originate. The bait stations, on the other hand, are made up of three components namely attractants, a killing agent and a station or device made of plastic or a combination of cardboard and plastic. The device or station holds the other two components.

Cockroaches are a health hazard and should be treated as such. Whenever the presence of cockroaches is evident, they should be treated immediately since they multiply rapidly and once they infest an area, getting rid of them becomes very difficult. The bait gels like Advion roach gel are an effective means of countering roach infestation since it affects a large number of roaches at the same time.