In today’s time when everything is getting modernized with each passing day, how can travelling be left out. With internet on the use of almost everything, why should travel be left behind? People who are frequent traveler’s and usually on the move are in dire need of apps from the internet that would help them with their travelling. The use of paper and notebooks for notes all around won’t be much of your problem anymore. Get ready to be tech savvy even on the move.

Travel internetPen and paper are obsolete now

That’s correct! And as far as travellers are concerned, it is true for them now. The hassles of carrying pen and paper with you all around the trip is no longer required. With the latest apps now available in tablets, I phones and other mobiles, scribbling down on sheets of paper would no longer be required. Just carry your phone and you are ready to go anywhere. This would even help in you as you would not have to care of sheets of paper or your itinerary throughout the trip. Thousands of commuters are now using these apps to make their travel worry free.

Get TripIt on your phone today

With TripIt on your phone, it supports blackberry, I phone, android and windows phone. It will provide you with an itinerary of your flight, car, any kind of rentals and hotel confirmations. And all this information is emailed to [email protected]. This application also scans the Gmail account of the customer for any similar kind of mail in the inbox. So it will give you a combined itinerary for your which you are able to access anytime from your tablet. The cost of this application is $49 for a month. But depending upon the users and other requirements, it varies from $29 to $159. You can also sign for team traveller, in which there is much more stuff.

Evernote and Hipmunk

Evernote is an application which is free. This application helps to organize quite a lot of stuff. Here you can take notes of relevant things, which you might forget. It lets you take photos. Here you can make to do lists for things which you have to do. This is a great help for many people. You can also save in recorded reminders. Hipmunk gives you free information on the availability of hotels and the timings of flights for your destination. It can help track down hotel nearest to your conference or meeting destination.

M trip is another useful feature

This application is available at a cost of $5.99 per city. But these rates won’t pinch you when you get to know what the wonderful application can do. It is a kind of online travel guide for you. Here a complete list of attractions of the city are available, with their timings of operation, charges wherever possible, reviews from the people. The application also offers offline maps which a person can access anytime anywhere even without the availability of internet. It is a great app to vouch for!