Zyban is an important drug comes under the group of bupropion medicine.  The medication is best suited for treating people to quit smoking cigarettes. It works through reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects among the smokers.

Do not take the medication if you have an eating disorder, seizures, recently stopped using alcohol or using any kind of sedative treatment. The treatment is not suggestible for the person, who has used an MAO inhibitor in the last 14 days duration. You may experience a dangerous drug interaction from the drugs like linezolid, isocarboxazid, methylene blue injection, rasagiline, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, selegiline and others.

Discuss all your previous medical history with your doctor before taking the medication. Using Zyban may cause you the symptoms of seizures. It may show some suicidal symptoms in young people if taking an antidepressant for the first time. Support and care of family and doctor is very important.

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Taking the medication may cause you the symptoms like anxiety, trouble sleeping, panic attacks, mood or behavior changes, impulsive, hostile, irritable, aggressive, agitated, restless, hyperactive or more depressed.

People allergic to bupropion should not take Zyban. Also avoid taking Zyban if you are having epilepsy or a seizure disorder, eating disorder, bulimia or seizure.

Taking Zyban is not safe for you if you have a prior history of head injury, narrow-angle glaucoma, seizures, heart disease, brain or spinal cord tumor, history of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or liver disease or bipolar disorder

Zyban may harm an unborn baby in the womb. So tell your doctor that you are pregnant or want to become pregnant in recent days while using this medicine. Bupropion can cause harm a nursing baby by passing through the breast milk.

Take the medicine in proper doses as directed by your doctor. Follow the instruction on your prescription label exactly while using this medicine in order to prevent the risk of a seizure.

Sudden quitting from smoking may cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. So to prevent the reaction you can continue to smoke and decrease slowly for about 1 week after you start taking the medicine. Take the medical assistance if you are unable to quit smoking even after 7 weeks of taking the treatment.

There will not be any serious issue if you missed a dose. However, take the missed dose when you remember. It is better to skip the missed dose, if it is almost the time for your next dose. Avoid taking extra doses of the medicine to adjust the missed dose.

Seek emergency medical attention without getting late in case of an overdose. Call a doctor or notify the Poison Help line. The consequences can be fatal. Overdose of bupropion can result hallucinations, muscle stiffness, shallow breathing, fast or uneven heartbeat, or fainting.

You may get signs of an allergic reaction to Zyban in the form of difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of your lips, face, throat or tongue.

Report your doctor if you encounter with any serious side effect of the medication like blurred vision, seeing halos around lights, tunnel vision, eye pain, eye swelling, fast heartbeats, seizure or convulsions, fever, rash or itching, swollen glands, joint pain, confusion, general ill feeling, hallucinations, burning in your eyes, severe skin reactionfever, purple skin rash, sore throat, trouble concentrating or unusual thoughts or behavior.

There is nothing to worry about if you land up with some common usual Zyban side effects like dry mouth, headache, nausea, dizziness, stomach pain; ringing in your ears, loss of interest in sex, vision changes, muscle pain, mild itching or skin rash, sore throat, changes in appetite, increased sweating, weight loss or gain and increased urination.