Mobility aids help you move from one place to another when you are disabled or recovering from an injury. Wheelchairs and scooters are popular mobility aids for people who are unable to walk, but some people just need a walker to protect them from falls.

Choosing the right walker takes time and research. Like canes and crutches, walkers require professional fittings. When a walker fits properly, it provides good support. A wrong fit can make a walker unsafe and uncomfortable to use.

Rollators: The Latest In Walker Mobility

The Rolling Walker

There are many different types of walkers: standard walkers, wheeled walkers, bariatric walkers, knee walkers, specialty walkers, petite walkers and children’s walkers. Portable walkers — with their easy, fold-up designs — are ideal for summer travel, holiday travel and everyday life.

If you need a safe and convenient mobility aid, a rollator could be the answer. This lightweight, rolling walker is usually a better option than a standard walker. Wheels make it easy to walk with a smooth gait, and you don’t have to lift the device.

Representing the latest in walker mobility, a rolling walker allows you to move with ease — around town, at the mall or in your home. Available in a variety of colors, it improves your safety, independence and style. Like standard walkers, rollators are available in standard, bariatric, petite and specialty categories. Moreover, you can personalize your device with various accessories.

Walker Accessories

Drink holders are the most popular accessories for standard and rolling walkers. Using a walker requires the full use of your hands, and this can cause many inconveniences. Walker cup holders clip on to the frame of your device to address one major inconvenience. Cup holders make life easier, and they even come with mug cutouts for tea and coffee drinkers.

Cell phone holders are also popular, and they are often sold in combination with drink holders. A snap system mounts the holder to your walker, rollator, wheelchair or other device. This means your phone is always within reach. Furthermore, cell phone holders are reversible for right- and left-hand applications.

Cane holsters are made especially for people who use walking canes. They fit on a standard walker, rollator or wheelchair. Two hooks facing opposite directions secure the cane in place, but you can easily remove this mobility device when you need it.

Walker and rollator accessory kits allow you to personalize your mobility aid. They contain pocketed mobility bags with matching seat and backrest covers. The bright colors and patterns found on accessory kits let you accessorize in style.