Technological innovations in the field of data center services are very fast and that’s why what was relevant and new one year back is outdated now. Every IT professional and data center managers know about this fact. This is the reason why they also need to be on toes to get adapted to the change. However, it needs special mention that technological innovation should not mean that there will be no effort in preserving the past because that’s what created the base for further innovation. However, there are some important data center services that withstood test of time and remained significantly relevant even today. This blog will discuss about those aspects closely:

  1. Building Management Systems or the BMS is a proprietary system that helps in management of both electrical and mechanical equipment. When it comes to electrical and mechanical equipment they are considered to be short lived. However, in case of BMS, the system is found to be keeping its relevance intact even in the evolved scenario. When we talk about Building Automation Systems (BAS), they are nothing but the evolved format of BMS.In fact, the evolved BAS are more secure as well as functional. Therefore, with the evolved Mulding management systems, users are capable to offer capabilities to monitor as well as control MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems seamlessly.

  1. Preventive Maintenance has evolved with the requirement of advancement in the fields of management as well as monitoring. Though some think that the advancements will not require any kind of human intervention, it has been practically found out that maintenance done with the help of trained personnel are more advantageous. Advantages of human intervention and management have been found most helpful when it came to management of power management and electrical equipment. Here, the solutions aimed at uniting innovation with human expertise. Remote monitoring and management has received a massive boost when collection as well as analysis of data has been launched on a real time basis. With analytics nowadays playing an important role, collection as well as analysis of data has become paramount. With right use of analytics, costly power events can be prevented through correct prediction on the basis of correct analysis.

  2. Locks and Rack Enclosures – With advancements in technologies, there has been an increasing need for locks and rack enclosures in data centers. It is of least importance in data center services to track who is doing what. However, with the evolvement of multi-tenant facilities there has been increased requirement for locks and rack enclosures. In fact, there are needed more now than anytime earlier. When it comes to protection of data center services platform, these services come handy and are extremely useful.

  3. Data Center UPS – Operators of data centers now focus more on striking the right balance between redundancy and efficiency rather than make available the service at all costs. This has become possible due to the significant advancements experienced in the fields of IT architecture and IT equipment. It was earlier believed that phasing out of data center UPSes will take place because of low efficiency levels, especially in the 80 per cent to 90 per cent levels. However, there have been significant design improvements that have led to delivery of conversion efficiencies up to 97 per cent. Development of these designs has become possible due to the desire of balancing operational costs, efficiency, and availability. For providing 99 per cent efficiency, multi-mode UPSes have made entrance in a big way where operating modes can be switched rapidly on the basis of utility voltage conditions. Therefore, data center operators are now capable of matching operational mode to risk that combines capabilities to maximise control as well as efficiency. This is one of the most important data center services that have withstood the test of time.

  4. Cooling of data centers – With the help of water cooling of data center mainframes are done. Now, thinking of using water near modern gears is itself a horrific idea in itself. However, nowadays, that’s what has become the most suitable medium for cooling off data centers. With rise in the demand for cooling as well as escalating power, there has been an increasing need to counter-balance the heating up. This is where water plays an effective and cost effective solution.

These are the five most important data center services and equipment that have withstood test of time and are still relevant. They have not become fossilised with changing time and have actually become more relevant now, even in the ever changing technological advancement.

In fact, there have some evolving trends in both cloud services and data center services. For remaining relevant even today and coming future, there has been increasing trend of convergence between data centers and clouds.