Air-conditioning is now a standard feature in most working environments and that’s no bad thing. Despite its prevalence, though, many people are still unaware of just how much of a positive impact effective air-con use can have on their business.

It can help prevent the spread of germs

Everyone who’s ever worked in an office will have experienced the utter horror that is a bug going around. It starts with one or two people requiring a couple of days off to recover, and before you know it, the whole team needs a week off work! Luckily, modern climate control equipment can help to stop germs spreading. As well as keeping the air clean and filtered, they can help to regulate temperature, keeping it to a level at which it is harder for germs to breed. If it stops fifty employees having a couple of days off, you’ve already saved yourself thousands of pounds worth of man hours, just by choosing from the broad range of cooling tower rental options that are available online.

The Importance of The Right Climate Control in Your Office

It affects productivity

If you run a business, you’ll know that low productivity is an absolute profit killer. Without a productive workforce, you’ll be unable to meet necessary targets, and your company will suffer as a result. A workplace’s climate can have a huge impact on performance.  Have you ever seen a set of sportsmen confronted with temperatures and air densities they’re not used to? Their performance suffers massively unless they’ve trained adequately.  The same goes for your employees who simply won’t reach their optimum working levels if they’re too distracted by being freezing cold or boiling hot.

It’s important for morale

As mentioned, productivity is vital to the success of any company.  And what makes the wheels of productivity turn?  Yes, that’s right: positive morale.  A happy, fulfilled employee is far more likely to bust a gut for their team than one that hates getting out of bed in the morning.  One of the keys to keeping morale high is to make sure that your working environment is a nice one, and one of the keys to this is making sure that the climate is suitable to work in.  Would you want to spend your every working day travelling back and forth to an office that made you feel hot, sweaty and lethargic, or cold, shivery and grumpy?  Of course not.  So you shouldn’t expect your employees to either!

Cover all the bases

It’s important to remember that there are several other aspects that need to be considered when controlling your workplace’s climate. You’d be amazed how much of an impact that several computers within close proximity to each other can have on the temperature or how too much furniture can increase feelings of claustrophobia in a small space.

If in doubt, ask your staff for their opinion. They know better than anyone what needs to improve.