So You Are Considering Sperm Donation
Test tube – Courtesy of Shutterstock

The number of children conceived and delivered each year, resulting from sperm donation is high. The approximated 60,000 per year figure in 1988 is very likely being exceeded as the practice of in vitro fertilization is becoming more widely accepted and even possibly commonplace in modern society. To explain further, commonplace in this instance is to mean that it is not a taboo subject or a fact that is hidden or embarrassing. The social leaps and bounds that have been made have brought it to the forefront and the use of donated sperm has came with it.

There are many reasons why people seek out a sperm donor in order to realize their dreams of a child. The people and couples can have a broad range in demographics and a varying socioeconomic status. Those who seek out a sperm donor may include:

  • Same sex couples
  • Couples who have medical reasons controlling their ability to naturally conceive
  • Single people who want the chance to have a family

Why Donate Sperm?

People who donate sperm may do so for numerous reasons. To be honest the payment received for sperm is often on the list of why donors donate, but it is not the only reason for them to do what they do. One of the top reasons for donating sperm is to help someone. In marriages where there is conception issues there can also be great turmoil, donating sperm could potentially save a marriage. For many same sex couples sperm donation is a necessity when they are planning a family and quite often an anonymous donor is used. A sperm donation can mean that you will be doing something unspeakably good for someone who is in need; that alone makes it worthwhile.

What are the Qualities of Popular Sperm Donors?

Just as the qualities and characteristics of people vary from country to country, so do the traits that qualify a particular donor as desirable. Back in 2011 you may remember when an international sperm bank made headlines by turning away redheads. This was not a form of discrimination, but more geared by the fact that they had enough sperm on hand from comparable donors already. You see, sperm is a commodity like any other, where they try to keep the supply meeting the demand. When it comes to what’s desirable it really depends on who is seeking out a donor. For someone who is Caucasian and possesses blond hair and blue eyes, it is more likely that they will seek someone who is comparable to themselves and likewise for other genetic make ups.  Aside from the physical characteristics, the most desirable sperm donors are usually educated at the postsecondary level and in cases of older donors have already listed some success.

If you are seeking to donate or looking for a donor yourself, there are many cryobanks that will be more than happy to assist you, such as the California Cryobank. They will aid you through the process of donating or choosing a donor and will be able to further explain anything you may not understand or need clarification about. Even if you are just curious about donating at this point, they may be able to help you make an informed decision on whether donating is right for you.