Lawn Mower Safety Tips For Your Peace Of MindDid you know that there are a number of accidents each year due to the misuse of lawn mowers? Sometimes, people are just silly when they pull the dangerous machine out and other times, they simply don’t realize that they aren’t using it correctly. To give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be safe when mowing the lawn, make sure that you pay heed to this list of tips:

 1.     Always read the instruction manual before using your lawn mower for the first time. This is because each model and brand is different, so you need to be familiar with its operation.

2.     Take note of any instructions that the manual gives you, even if it does sound obvious. If it says, for example, not to pull the mower make sure that you always push it.

3.     Always pick up any objects that are lying on your grass before mowing, including rocks, branches (even small twigs can cause issues), kids toys and garden hoses.

4.     Don’t allow your children or pets to play in the backyard whilst you are mowing it; make them stay indoors or tell them to play in the front yard until you’ve finished.

5.     Avoid storing oil, gas and petrol in unmarked containers. You should also avoid storing these fluids in containers that have been used to store edible things.

6.     Don’t fill up the petrol tank in an enclosed area (such as under the house, in the garage or in a shed), as this can lead to a buildup of combustible fumes that could start a fire.

7.     Never smoke when filling your petrol tank and make sure that spectators know not to light up. You should also keep any open flame, such as a lighter or fire, away.

8.     Don’t add fuel to the mower whilst the engine is running or is still hot; make sure you fill the petrol tank before you start the machine each and every time to avoid this.

9.     Never allow young children to operate the mower and if you’re going to allow your teenager to mow the lawn for you, make sure that you have taught them what to do.

10.   Remove the spark plug before you attempt any sort of maintenance or repair work on the machine, as this will prevent it from accidentally starting on you.

11.    Don’t start the lawn mower whilst you are inside any enclosed area (such as a shed or garage), as this can lead to a buildup of toxic fumes that are hazardous to your health.

12.   Make sure that you always wear closed shoes and long pants whilst mowing, as this will protect your feet and legs from injury by flying and hidden debris.

As you can see, there are a number of things that you should always do when using a lawn mower to ensure that you and your loved ones will remain safe at all times. Make sure that you follow each of the above tips at all times and you can have the peace of mind that nothing bad will happen when cutting your grass and, if it does, you will know what to do.